Places in Cuba

You may have heard that Cuba is more than just Havana. Well, it’s true! The island of Cuba has a surprising variety of destinations from the urban, to the rural, to swamplands, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and lush forests. Here below is our selection of some of the best places to visit in Cuba.


Picture of Havana

For many, Havana is synonymous with Cuba. It is the heart of Cuba and the first stop for the majority of visitors to the island.


Picture of Vinales

Vinales is quintessential bucolic Cuba, complete with tobacco farmers, straw hats, and lovely rural scenery.

El Nicho Waterfall

Picture of El Nicho

Hidden away in a corner of the Escambray mountains between the cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, El Nicho is famed for being Cuba's most beautiful waterfall.


Picture of Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is a small and pleasant city on Cuba's southern coast with a generous bay and wide open flat terrain.

Bay of Pigs

Picture of Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs is more than just the site of the US backed military invasion in 1961, it's a beautiful coastal area with coral reefs, sinkholes, swamps, and dense forests teeming with wildlife.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

About a 4 hour drive from Havana, Santa Clara holds a special place in Cuba's revolutionary history. Capital of province Villa Clara, this city is a mini pilgrimage destination for Che Guevara worshippers.


Picture of Trinidad

Outside of Havana and Cuba's famous beach resorts, Trinidad is Cuba’s most popular destination for travellers. This popularity arises from its location wedged between beach coastline and scenic mountains


Picture of Camaguey

Cuba's third largest city has an interesting history in that it was moved to its present inland location 13 years after it was founded on the northern coast in 1515.

Santiago de Cuba

Picture of Santiago

Santiago is Cuba’s largest urban area outside Havana, and the hub of the eastern half of Cuba. Santiago's main drawcard undoubtedly is it music.


Picture of Baracoa

Baracoa is a major reason (if not the main reason) to make the journey to the harder to reach eastern end of Cuba.

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