Cuban Adventures Accessibility Statement

Through its Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), the World Wide Web Consortium is promoting a greater degree of Web access for people with disabilities. To help support this effort, the Football Adventures Web Portal was constructed to comply with the accessibility guidelines developed through the WAI.

Our pages are validated to the current HTML standards and conform to either Level A or Level Double-A of the W3C accessibility guidelines (each page is marked with the appropriate logo at the bottom). We also satisfy many of the Triple-A guidelines, but achieving full compliance is almost impossible until browsers support all the listed measures.

Along with Priority 1 compliance, efforts have been made to ensure compatibility with common technologies utilized by the adaptive community. This site has been tested for compliance with ZoomText for image magnification, Jaws for Windows screen reader for speech synthesis and Lynx for web browsing.

Big Planet Adventures Pty Ltd will continue to test and enhance this site and remains committed to maintaining its compliance and serving the widest possible audience.

If you are having difficulty browsing this site please submit your comments on our contact us page and we will endeavour to correct any issues you may be experiencing.

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