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Lorraine & Friends
October 2016
Lorraine & Friends, United States Small Group Tours

We really enjoyed out trip with Cuban Adventures. The places-in-cuba and excursions were interesting and varied, giving a great overview of the culture, architecture and lifestyles on the island. Our guide Ivan, and driver Ramon could not have been better.

Ivan was terrific. Always cheerful, organized, and willing to do whatever was necessary to help us enjoy the trip. He was very knowledgeable, and willing to share information about history, culture and personal perspectives on Cuba. We really enjoyed having him with us on this trip.

We loved staying in the casas particulares and found most of them very comfortable, clean and accommodating. Especially loved Brian at Havana Dreams. He was really excellent and went out of his way for us! the last night in Havana accommodations were not up to the standards of the rest. Rooms were small, with very low ceilings, felt very cramped. Breakfast was not as good either.

Our private bus was spacious, but not very much leg room for tall passengers! Our driver, Ramon was excellent. Made us feel very safe and secure.

The breakfasts were plentiful, but repetitive. Most other meals were terrific - whether provided by CA or recommended by Ivan.

We liked all the places-in-cuba and loved the outdoors parts - hike to waterfall, artist colony visits, farm visits, walking tours, but there was too much time travelling in the bus. We had no time to explore Cienfuegos as we got there at night after a very long bus day, and left the next morning. We would have preferred going to fewer / closer places-in-cuba and having more time at each place.

On the way back US immigration gave us no trouble at all. They did not ask me much of anything.

I would highly recommend this trip, and I suggest people go now before the large hotel and fast food chains move in!

Richela & Bill
September 2016
Richela & Bill, United States Small Group Tours

Our 9 day guided tour was absolutely the best way to have captured the essence of Cuba. It was like traveling with a text book on the history and culture of the Cuban people. Our guide, Rioger, was a “licensed” Cuban guide with a PhD (in linguistics), and spoke 4 languages. He was open to discussion – not arguments. The small guest houses and Casas Particulares – B&B like experiences, gave us an opportunity to meet and talk with more Cuban people.

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August 2016
Annie, United States Small Group Tours

It was all great. Loved swimming in the Bay of Pigs, and the Salsa dance lesson. Our bus driver, Ariel, was wonderful and I cannot speak highly enough about Inti as our tour guide. He is an exceptionally thoughtful, caring, compassionate, fun and interesting man whose enthusiasm for sharing "this Cuban life" resulted in a most unforgettable journey exceeding my expectations. He is simply the best! I am so grateful for all his efforts, and the many gifts he shared with us.

I left Cuba with a deeper knowledge of this beautiful island and its people that will be forever etched in my heart. I have no doubt this is also true for my son who traveled with me.

March 2016
Magda, United States Small Group Tours

We cannot sing enough praises about our tour guide, Tatiana. For the uninitiated, Cuba is a very tricky country to navigate culturally and physically. You could travel right through it without a guide--or not the right guide--and miss so much. Tatiana clearly understands this, and does an excellent job in translating it all to us so that we`d notice, appreciate, and embrace everything, as best as we possibly could in the time we were there. She managed to do this without imposing her own point of view in the process, which is the mark of an ace teacher.

Traveling with her felt like taking a graduate seminar without having to write a paper at the end! We always felt that she would help us if the need arose. When anyone in our group had any questions, she shared her answers with all of us so that we`d all learn more. Our group not only benefited from Tatiana`s professionalism, but also from her upbeat and memorable sense of humor. The fun tone she set was infectious, which was a great distraction during the long bus rides in-between places-in-cuba. Some of the most memorable experiences on our trip were ones that Tatiana arranged with people that she personally knows.

Since Tatiana constantly tries restaurants as they open up in advance of her trips, she always steered us to great meals and values. Although my husband and I are American citizens, I am a Cuban national who was visiting my birthplace for the first time in 55 years since leaving with my family as a 3 year-old. Tatiana understood that this was much more than a vacation for me, and made it all the more special by going deeper with all things Cubana that we all experienced, so that no one was excluded. I don`t know how she did this. But she did, and I`ll always remain grateful to her, as does my husband, for showing us so much of Cuba`s incredible wealth of history and people.

Staying at the casas particulares really gave us closer access to Cuban families. We enjoyed many memorable conversations with our casa hosts, and they were all so warm and accommodating to us. I will remain forever grateful to one casa host in particular, who made several calls on my behalf and helped me locate the only remaining family member I had in Cuba during our only free day in the tour. This is the kind of generosity that we found in many of the Cubans we met.

We will never forget our first dinner feast in Baracoa at Rafael and Majules` house; our fresh-cooked ajiaco lunch on the banks of the Yumiri River; our home-cooked Baracoan meal at Tatiana`s family`s house; and our bittersweet, final group dinner on the terrace of a paladar overlooking the beautiful bay of Havana.

Our bus driver Joao was an amazing driver and graciously helped our group even when we weren't on the road. Driving in Cuba means having to safely share the highways and narrow colonial streets with trucks, cars, buggys, horses, and bicycles. Joao managed to accomplish this without breaking into a sweat!

But given my arts background, I would have to say my favourite activity was the cannon ceremony in Havana. It was amazing open-air theater, and even more moving to me knowing that my Cuban colonial ancestors experienced this nightly exercise to protect themselves against pirate attacks.

My favourite destination on the tour was Santiago - the Afro-Cuban music and dance, and the chorus' beautiful singing moved me to tears.

To improve the tour, I think you could arrange taxi pickup from casa to airport at end of trip, rather than leaving us to arrange it with our casa. It`s stressful to wonder if our pickup is going to show up and makes for a restless night.

You have an amazing company, and I plan to spread the word to my friends who want to travel to Cuba!

Pete & Dee
May 2011
Pete & Dee, New Zealand Small Group Tours

I'm writing to say how very impressed with all arrangements concerning our recent trip to Cuba. In particular, my wife and I were very appreciative of the services and personality of Sergio Vazquez. There was nothing that he couldn't and wouldn't do to make our visit and tour more interesting, relevant and informative. We think he went far beyond any reasonable expectations. Quite outstanding! And that comes from two people who have spent many years living and working in some quite difficult countries. Not that Cuba was anything other than fascinating, enjoyable and rewarding. We only hope Sergio finished the tour without vowing never again to get involved with people with such very odd interests. Parallel to all of the above is our appreciation of your company's very obvious efficiency and consideration to clients.

Heidi Feenstra
September 2008
Heidi Feenstra, Canada Small Group Tours

Despite the hurricane I had TONS of fun on this tour and the best part was getting to know Cuban locals in Trinidad as well as our tour guide Roger and our interpreter (also called Roger!) being Cubans themselves. I learned a lot of invaluable things and I can say this is one of the most unforgettable experience (I have travelled quite a bit and it is always different but this trip was a bit more personal with the locals and homestay. As well as Roger the tour guide was EXCELLENT. He was a quick learner as to how to communicate with us and it made the trip a lot more fun with his full head on involvement (I have been on different tours in the past where tour guides were not nearly as exciting or approachable). Roger has a good head on his shoulders and handled everything thrown into his way very well. I highly recommend him to be involved in any other deaf - related tours if any in the future as his communication skills is commendable and believe me, it does make all of the difference to the experience. Both Rogers worked very hard on the trip and I want their hard work to be recognized.