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Travel Visas for Cuba

Last Updated February 13, 2024

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Almost all tourists visiting Cuba, need to obtain a tourist 'visa' which is called the Cuban Tourist Card.

The tourist card is valid for 90 days. Make sure you do not misplace this while in Cuba - you cannot leave the country without it.

Check with your Cuban embassy for the entry requirements that apply to your particular situation.

Note: Are you flying to Cuba via the US? You will need a different “pink” Visa and will also need to complete the documentation to make a legal visit to Cuba under US rules. Read more here!

How to obtain your Cuban Tourist Card (visa)

The way you get your tourist card will depend on the route you are taking to Cuba. Although some airports in Cuba sell the visa, most airlines will not let you board a flight to Cuba without one. Here are our suggestions on how to get the tourist card from the most popular routes:

Purchase the Tourist Card from Cuban Adventures

We sell Tourist Cards in Australia! If you are residing in Australia and are an Australia, New Zealand, or UK passport holder, you can purchase the tourist card from us, regardless of whether you are booked on a tour. We ship only within Australia and the tourist card is not valid if you are flying directly from the US to Cuba.

Buy My Tourist Card

Flying via Latin America

If you are flying from Latin America or the Caribbean (e.g. Mexico, Panama, Cayman) to Cuba you can purchase your visa at the airport during check-in for your flight to Cuba, it takes only a few minutes. The cost is approximately US$25-30 and can sometimes be paid with credit card in addition to the local currency. Verify with your airline in case of changes. You can also purchase in advance from a third-party visa service.

Flying via Canada

If you are flying from Canada the visa is usually included with your flight. Verify with your airline. 

Flying via Europe

If you're flying from Europe, the easiest way to get your visa is to buy from a third-party servicer. There are several companies that will ship the visa to your home. Make sure you order the tourist card with sufficient time to receive it before your trip. If you are not eligible for these services or prefer to deal directly with the consulate, you can find your local consulate here or check out the links below.  

Flying via US

See US visa information.

Visa requirements for foreigners traveling to Cuba, are liable to change and can be dependent upon your nationality.

Nationalities Requiring a Consular Visa

Passport holders from some countries are not able to use the tourist card, they must contact the Cuban Consulate for a visa. Currently, these countries are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uzbekistan, and Yemen. This list may change at any time, check with your consulate for more information.  

Official government websites with information specific to the traveller's nationality







Travelling via the US

Yes, that’s right, even if you aren’t a US citizen or resident, if you travel to Cuba via the US (specifically if you fly directly to Cuba from a US port or fly from Cuba directly to a US port) then you will need a different Visa (a “pink” one!) that you will purchase during check in for your Cuba flight. 

You must also be prepared to comply with legal travel to Cuba under US regulations as if you were an American! In simple and somewhat misleading terms, this is often called a “license”, but it is really just a set of guidelines to adhere to, and a box to check, which will be easy to do if you are taking one of our tours. Usually, travellers select the general license category Support for the Cuban People .

The technical reason for this oddity is that any foreigner on US soil is deemed to be under US jurisdiction and therefore subject to the laws of their land.

Read more about purchasing the pink visa.

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