Custom and Private Cuba Tours

Travel Cuba with just your friends or family!

We can arrange a tour of Cuba just for you and your partner, family, or group of friends, with one of our tour guides, specific to your requirements.

Group jumping in Plaza de la Revolucion

Private Tours

If you can't find a group tour that works with your schedule, or are looking for something more personalised, you can purchase any of our regular tour itineraries as private tours- you pick the departure date and the tour is just for your group. Just tell us how many people you will be, and what start date you want for your private Cuba tour. We can quickly provide you with a quote, and the price will be much more economical than customizing an itinerary for you.

Private tours for small groups of 1-2 people are generally much higher than the group tour price, but at 6-8 people the price is generally at or lower than the web price. For example, if the price for the 8 day Original tour is US$700/person, the private tour price for a group of 2 could be US$1400/person.

Custom Tours

We can help you design a unique itinerary specific to your needs. All you need to do is fill out our custom tour request form and our specialist staff will be able to put it together for you.

These tours generally start at US$3000 for a standard tour for small groups (1-4 people), the per person price decreases as the group size increases.

Here are some elements of a tour in Cuba for you to consider...

Accommodation for your tour

We prefer to use casas particulares on our tours, these are Cuban guesthouses or Bed & Breakfasts and range from family homes to luxury boutique hotels, there are options for every travel style. Apart from directly supporting local Cuban families, staying in the guesthouses is fun and interesting, and most of our travellers find that it greatly enhances their experience of visiting Cuba. We are sometimes able to offer hotels as an option but due to our Responsible Travel policy, we do not recommend them. On a custom tour you can choose from 3 different categories of casas particulares.

All rooms have have en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning. For more information visit our Cuba accommodations page.

Standard - Budget-friendly, simple but clean and safe. Air conditioners and hot water heaters may be less modern. Casas tend to be run by a local family.

Comfort - Slight step up from standard, modern "split" air conditioners, better mattresses, natural light, better linens, Usually around US$20/night more than standard.

Premium - Interiors far above the vast majority of private guesthouses in Cuba. Usually only available in Havana. Each of these properties is unique and the characteristics cannot be easily generalized. Higher quality amenities and décor, better linens, services such as room service and wifi. From US$100-300/night more than standard.

Activities on your tour

There is a great variety of activities, excursions, and day trips that are possible at each destination in Cuba. Our normal advice is to give yourself as much flexibility as possible during the tour so that you can change and choose activities along the way. Most activities can be easily arranged by your tour guide once you are in Cuba. This also gives you a chance to consult with your local tour leader about which activities he/she most recommends.

Some specific activities however are best arranged ahead of time, particularly for large groups it can be more convenient to have some activities already included and programmed into the itinerary. If there are any activities you definitely don't want to miss and we can include them in your custom tour package.

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