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Cindy & Josephine
Cindy & Josephine - United States
August 8, 2019

Abel is an awesome tour guide! Very knowledgeable about anything we asked him regarding Cuba`s history or culture; even when someone from the group casually mentioned a random observation, he seemed to always have a little fun fact to go with it. He is very friendly and likeable; it seemed like he was getting stopped to be greeted by locals and friends in each city we visited! This made us feel an even stronger sense of community amongst the Cuban people. He was always very clear on communicating when and where to meet, as well as fun and interesting activities he thought we might enjoy based off what he learned about us. We learned a lot about Cuba and it`s colorful culture and people during our time with Abel.

Accommodations were all clean, with friendly hosts. Walking distance to most points of interests and nightlife. Always came home to a comfortable room after a day of exploring Cuba. We woke up each day to a plate of mixed fresh fruit and bread/spread, and freshly cooked eggs, as well as fresh squeezed juice to give us energy to start the day.

We got picked up by airport pickup driver, Alex, who was awesome! We had a lot of fun talking to him during our drive from airport to our first casa in Havana.

The mini bus and our driver, Luis, were awesome! Plenty of space for our tour group. A/C was very much appreciated after returning from the scorching sun. Always felt safe with our driver, Luis, and always felt nice to return to a friendly face when returning to the bus : )

Our favorite excursion was the farm tour in Vinales. I enjoyed every second of it! Our local guide, Alexis, was hilarious! We all had a lot of fun with him.

10 out of 5 stars for Abel! We would be more than happy to have him as a guide again if we ever join another Cuban Adventures tour to see more of Cuba : )

Tom - United States
July 9, 2019

What a fantastic trip! Lex was such a great, great tour guide in all aspects. His skill and passion came through every day. I was extremely impressed with all of the tour accommodations. They were super comfortable, the hosts were very attentive, and the breakfasts were great!

The airport arrival transfer driver was super friendly and described the landmarks and city neighborhoods as we passed through. Manny (Osmany), the bus driver for our tour, was expert, warm and friendly.

My favorite activities were the walking tour of a tobacco farm in Vinales AND beach morning (with snorkeling) near Trinidad. The walking tours in Old Havana, and in old town Trinidad were also excellent. The stops at Bay of Pigs for snorkeling and swimming was a delight, and the stop at the Che memorial in Santa Clara was unforgettable. The two days in both Vinales and Trinidad was time well spent. They are delightful towns in fabulous settings!

The pre-departure information was also excellent and we hope to return soon!

Tim - United States
June 19, 2019

Great tour! It was a great experience for my son and I. Yenni was an excellent host and guide. She was energetic, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. I especially like her organizational skills. Each time we met as a group she would give us the itinerary for the day as well for the week. I always knew where we were going, what we were doing and how long we were going to be at each spot. Well done!

All of the host homes were very clean and well kept. The hosts were all very friendly and helpful and the breakfasts they provided had plenty of food and a really good selection. The water pressure in the toilets and showers was a bit lacking but not so bad.

Our airport transfer driver met us out front and was easy to locate as he was holding a sign for us. He also helped us by showing us where to exchange money in the airport. His cab was clean and well maintained.

The tour bus was well maintained and very clean. The driver, Miguel, was excellent. He was a safe driver; never speeding or driving recklessly. He was always very polite and helpful with our luggage. It was impressive how he maneuvered the large bus around the small streets!

We enjoyed the snorkeling in the Bay of Pigs and the cenote. However, we also enjoyed the walking tours through each of the towns. I liked that there were scheduled activities, but I also liked that we had time to ourselves to explore. It was a good mix between the two.

Both Tourradar and Cuban Adventures were very responsive to my emails and questions. They kept me well informed of what I needed to do and have prior to the trip (i.e., Visa, Cash)

We had a great time and loved learning about Cuba. I felt that in the time that we were there, we got to see a lot of Cuba. I would recommend this tour to others.

James & Henriette
James & Henriette - South Africa
May 9, 2019

This tour showed us all in Cuba we could imagine to see as travellers. We loved staying with the Cuban people instead of hotels. We could not have wished for a better guide. Yanna was professional and on the ball at all times.

We found all the owners of the casas very helpfull at all times. It was only in Trinidad that the first option casa was not up to standard. Yanna quickly changed us to a very nice and good casa. Baraoca casa was also very good.

Our favourity activities were the visit to the ballet school and visits to Cuban artists. We also enjoyed the tabacco farm.

We booked on line with ease. We had some reservations dealing with an Australian group for a Cuban tour, but all ended well. Keep up the good work!

Suzi - United States
April 17, 2019

I traveled with 3 women. We were all BLOWN AWAY by our entire Cuban adventure ❣️️ ️From our first meetup Camilo made all 12 on the tour feel like family - I will NEVER stop complimenting and referring all of my friends to Camilo and Cuban Adventures.

The breakfasts just kept getting better and better. In the first house we stayed in, the room was was smaller than the rest of them and the shower not great BUT CLEAN and super friendly. All of the hosts were sensational and seemed truly grateful for us being there. Some even had flan and multiple types of fresh smoothies. The fruits were plentiful and the settings gorgeous.

Our tour bus was lovely and our driver so adorable and accommodating. We loved the informational videos.

We appreciated knowing what to bring in support of the Cuban people - They really appreciated wipes - Soaps- Batteries, razor blades - More than toys.

We loved Camilo and miss our Cuban family - Irish - British - Swiss - Brits and Americans all loving and caring for each other under Camilo’s careful and loving watch.

I think the trip was way undersold - We were so worried that because the price was so low that it wouldn’t be great. It was the total opposite! I’ve done tons of adventure travel - This one was the best - hands down!.

Jennifer - United States
March 21, 2019

Yummet (on the right) is an amazing tour guide and an amazing person overall. I learned so much from her and it was hard to part ways with her at the end of the trip. I can`t wait to recommend her to all of my friends and family who want to travel to Cuba.

Apart from the guide, the best part of the tour was seeing three cities in Cuba, seeing local artists work while there, and climbing through the St. Thomas cave in Vinales. The only thing that bothered me was the noise from the roosters but I guess that was a part of the experience.

Our driver was awesome. Very attentive, helpful and kind. I was also amazed at how well he drove the bus in any circumstance. Overall it was a very well planned trip.

Nina & Mary
Nina & Mary - United States
February 19, 2019

We very much liked staying in the casas which provided the opportunity to talk to Cuban people. It was a wonderful experience to get to know the people who ran the casas. The children who lived there were a special highlight. Everyone was so warm and friendly. We also appreciated the small group size - we all bonded. The local guides were great, as well, as was our wonderful bus driver, Frank.

Our tour guide David was beyond outstanding. Out of everything, he made the trip as good as it was. We cannot say enough wonderful things about him. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, knowledge of history and culture, helpfulness, communication skills and command of English, genuine empathy, and ability to make us feel safe and connected to one another and to our daily experiences in Cuba and the Cuban people we met, are unsurpassed. You have a fantastic employee in David. We would highly recommend him as a tour guide for anyone!

Peter & Robyn
Peter & Robyn - United States
January 10, 2019

We are very satisfied! The tour was great value for the money! Our tour guide Yanna was off-the-chain amazing! Warm, welcoming, funny, knowledgeable--best of all, she was able to establish and maintain a group dynamic in which everyone felt part of a tour family. The 9 of us (10, when we count our driver Tómas) had no cliques; we all mixed and felt very comfortable throughout. Brava, Yanna! Robyn and I were saying tonight that we miss you most!

Overall, we loved the mix of cities on the tour and the cultures they offered up. Pacing felt really well considered, too. (Seems like you guys really take feedback seriously!). However, clarifying how much beach time is included in the itinerary would be helpful to future tour participants. We were expecting a little more beach time.

Pretty much every place we stayed had abundantbreakfasts and very clean accommodations. All were different, and all wonderful. Probably CubanAdventures should stress that while there are many advantages to casas particulares vs. hotels, there won`t necessarily be soap or shampoo--but you get used to that quickly.

Our suggested improvement would be to stress to U.S. citizens that they NEED to bring what they plan to spend in cash or traveler`s checks. VERY FEW places accept credit cards, and there`s lots of difficulty communicating with banks.

Our bus driver Tómas was outstanding! Always a warm welcome and plenty of free cold water to keep us hydrated--much appreciated. Magically the bus never ran out of gas, he was always there when we needed him, and he drove expertly. You have an award-winning team in Yanna and Tómas!

Claire - Ireland
December 18, 2018

I came back loving Cuba. The whole country is different, and I loved every place for its own reason. The best part of the tour was the history which was well communicated, the people, food.... everything!

Our tour guide Ivan was brilliant! He is truly passionate about what he does and engaging people in the Cuban culture. His knowledge is impeccable and takes the time to understand his group. Honestly, there is not enough I can say about him.... he truly sets a high bar! I had an incident where I was bitten by an insect in Baracoa, once I informed Ivan I was concerned it had become infected, he took the time to take me to the doctor and ensure I was ok. He is resourceful and always thinking of each individual in the group and how he can make it the best experience for them. Another example I can think of, we had a lady on our trip who had an injured leg and therefore finding the cobble streets in Trinidad challenging. While at the doctor with me he saw a wheelchair and started investigating options for this lady to help her. A true credit to the Cuban way! :)

The places we stayed were beautiful. They were well presented and maintained. Families were like real families.

I was really surprised by the breakfasts everywhere. Brilliantly catered for, I was very impressed. Being a vegetarian I thought I would be eating beans and rice for my entire trip.... however there was great choice in foods, fabulous variety. Loved each and every meal I had.

Our driver Ramon was very professional and friendly. I knew I was in safe hands when he was driving and he made sure the day was started with a smile and hello and when we parted a smile and good bye. Again another credit to the tour.

Jane & Doug
Jane & Doug - Canada
November 16, 2018

The best part about taking this tour was the care and attention provided by the tour guide, Yunior - he was amazing. His knowledge of all aspects of Cuba was outstanding. He did everything he could to make our trip amazing, and gave very generously of his time. He was very kind and a lot of fun. Yunior was the best!

Our favorite activity was the tobacco plantation in Vinales. We also loved the trip to the waterfall close to Trinidad. Our least favorite was the cave in Vinales. Overall it was an excellent experience!

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