Checklist for Cuba Travel

Are you ready for Cuba? Use this checklist to help you prepare. 

To enter Cuba you need to show an onward ticket. Airlines with flights to Cuba.

Upon arrival in Cuba you are required to provide the address of the first night of your stay. If you are traveling on a Cuban Adventures tour we will send you this address 10 days before your tour start date.

Your passport should still be valid for 6 months after your planned dates of travel.

Generally, this process is quick and sometimes can even be done on the day of travel. For travellers flying via the US, the pink visa is needed, from any other country, the green visa is required. 

Australians can buy the green visa from us!

Cuba requires visitors to have medical insurance valid for the duration of your stay. This is included automatically in flights from US. Not flying from US? You can organize this with a travel insurance company or buy it from us!

48 hours before departing for Cuba, you should fill out the customs, immigration, and health declaration form on the D'Viajeros website. This generates a QR code that you will need for the check in process. Follow our step-by-step D'Viajeros guide to filling out the form. 

This is a statement you sign that affirms you are traveling to Cuba and will do so in accordance with the U.S. laws.

EUR and USD are the most convenient and versatile cash currency to take to Cuba. More details are on our Cuba Money & Currency page.

Bring the card only as a backup. US cards generally do not work. Here's more info about accessing your money in Cuba.

It’s best to come prepared with all your toiletries, prescribed medication and any over-the-counter medication that you normally take from time to time, as these can be hard to source in Cuba. See also Health Precautions.

Cuba's climate can be very hot and sunny. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.

Power outages can be common and prolonged in Cuba, bring items that will help you stay safe and comfortable

  • torch/headlamp
  • portable charger
  • battery-operated fan
  • mosquito repellant with DEET

We encourage you to bring 3 items to Cuba that will reduce your production of plastic waste during your visit: 

  • A refillable water bottle
  • A reusable drinking straw (if you like to drink with a straw)
  • A cloth tote bag for shopping and laundry. More details.


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