Havana Coco Taxi


Cuba has a ton of history that is well know, but without Havana, Cuba would be missing its heart. The first stop in Cuba for the majority of visitors.

 Viñales Cueva


If the gritty environs of Havana, and the Caribbean influence in Trinidad, represent Cuba in many stereotypical ways, then heading to Viñales in Pinar del Rio province will give you a different impression completely.

Nicho Waterfall Veil

El Nicho Waterfall

See photos of the El Nicho Waterfall, which is located in the Sierra del Escambray mountains near the city of Cienfuegos in Cuba

The impressive Palacio del Valle Cienfuegos


Cienfuegos is a southern, coastal city with a population of only 150,000. Despite its popularity with foreign visitors, Cienfuegos is fairly industrial.

The Bay of Pigs has some great spots for swimming

Bay of Pigs

The name Bay of Pigs, immediately brings to mind the failed invasion by a US backed army of counter-revolutionaries that happened here in 1961.

Che Guevara Statue with pedestal in Santa Clara

Santa Clara

About a 4 hour drive from Havana, Santa Clara, is holds a special place in Cuba's revolutionary history. Capital of province Villa Clara, this city is a mini pilgrimage destination for Che Guevara worshippers.

Trinidad walking


Outside of Havana and Cuba's famous beach resorts, Trinidad is Cuba’s most popular destination for travelers. This popularity arises from its location wedged between beach coastline and scenic mountains

Camaguey ride


Cuba's third largest city has an interesting history in that it was moved to its present inland location 13 years after it was founded on the northern coast in 1515.

Santiago de Cuba guards

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago is Cuba’s largest urban area outside Havana, and the hub of the eastern half of Cuba. Santiago's main drawcard undoubtedly is it music.

Baracoa traveler


Baracoa is a major reason (if not the main reason) to make the journey to the harder to reach eastern end of Cuba.