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2016-12-31 | Janice | Australia | Essential Cuba Tour
Janice, Australia
December 31, 2016
Natalia was the best tour guide we have ever had. We have done many tours with big tour companies & she is certainly the best always going above & beyond to ensure we all had a great time. Her knowledge was excellent & her enthusiasm & passion made Cuba come alive. Natalia made the tour exceed our every expectation. Prior to our trip we had heard the food in Cuba was not good. What a wonderful surprise as we enjoyed the fabulous food & wine at very reasonable prices. This is because of being on tour & with a great guide as the day prior to the tour when we didn't have Natalia to guide us we had an awful lunch. The accommodations exceeded our expectations. Best way to travel in Cuba. The tour coach was very comfortable & clean with reclining seats. Rolly was a very safe experienced driver & so polite. Our favourite activity was the Vinales hike & tobacco farm visit. The reservations administrator Roger was very helpful prior to the trip. We are certainly going to recommend Cuban Adventures to all our friends.
2016-11-30 | Carrie | Australia | 15 Day Original Tour
Carrie, Australia
November 30, 2016
Karel was a fantastic guide! He went over and above to ensure that all of our group had the best experience possible in a safe and hassle free manner. He was also very accommodating of his time to answer many many questions from our group which he seemed to greatly enjoy. He is a great asset to your company! All accommodations were clean, tidy and hassle free. Breakfasts were all good with enough food and coffee to go with it The mini bus was more than comfortable for our tour group. The driver was great too (Orlando). My favourite activity was the early morning "hike" to the waterfall in Trinidad. Perhaps the itinerary could include more time in some locations, however this would mean less time in others. Cienfuegos was only 1 night and felt this was a little rushed. Missing time in Havana due to our flight cancellation (from Baracoa) which meant we lost a day with traveling to an airport further away - not that this could be helped! And Karell did his best to fix the situation! Aside from seeing the sights and learning more about Cuba, my favourite part of the experience was that Karell was a fantastic guide and the other people in the group made it a truly fantastic experience. Fantastic tour - will recommend to others!
2016-09-01 | Magda & Ela | Poland | Essential Cuba Tour
Magda & Ela, Poland
September 1, 2016
Words cannot describe how great this trip was thanks to Natalia. It did not feel like we are on a tour with a hired guide but more like with a very knowledgeable local friend. From the choice of restaurants, through accommodation and ways of transport, she made the whole experience very enjoyable. She went above and beyond to make sure everyone gets to do what they like (salsa dancing, diving, shopping... you name it and she will make it happen :) Every place we stayed at was as advertised, with AC and in-room bathroom. They were all very clean and comfortable. The only small downside of using higher class of guest houses might result in less `family like` feeling. This was the case only in one of the places we stayed at. In all the other we felt not like guests renting rooms but more like relatives coming to visit and catching up on family stories :) When it comes to food, this was the biggest surprise of the trip. Talking to people who previously visited Cuba and reading different reviews, we were expecting food to be mediocre at most. It was not the case at all. We enjoyed all our meals to the extent it`s impossible to choose only one favourite :) As long as you are a little flexible and eat more than just one very particular thing, you can really enjoy different food there. Tip: Go to Cuba in the peak of avocado season, they are by far the best I`ve ever had in my life. All the activities were great. Visiting Che`s museum in Santa Clara was a great introduction to understand Cuban history. While in Trinidad, short hike to the waterfall and a visit to the beach allowed us to enjoy some time in the nature. A walk we did in Vinales was great to learn more about growing tobacco and making cigars. City tour in old American convertible gave a good glimpse of different neighborhoods in Havana while traveling in style :) It would be a shame to miss out on any of these activities.
2016-01-31 | Carla | United States | 8 Day Original Tour
Carla, United States
January 31, 2016
I am so grateful to have taken this tour and been able to see Cuba before potential changes. My favorite aspect was learning about a government and people very different than the US. I loved the home stays and would always do this on future trips. They provided privacy while still giving us a chance to see the life of a Cuban. Our guide Osvaldo went above and beyond taking great care of our group. He never lost patience or became frustrated even when we had a difficult person on our tour. I was so impressed with how he kindly handled the challenging person. I have been a tour guide myself, and Osvaldo is one of the best I have seen. He took care of all of the little details, even finding time to book a two week extension for a young German girl who was in our group. He obviously loves Cuba and is proud of this amazing country. I liked being able to choose different activities. My favorite was the hike in Vinales seeing the tobacco and coffee farms. Osvaldo quickly scheduled a cooking class for me in Trinidad with Jesus`s sister. It was fantastic!! I learned to cook beans and rice in one hour and she ran out to buy ingredients for mojitos. Our bus driver, Emanuel, was amazing!! He always kept us safe. Thanks Cuban Adventures. Keep it small and local! Please don`t become a huge tour like those awful bus loads of foreigners.
I would be honored to help Americans who are looking for this style of trip come to Cuba. I am available to speak with potential travelers who are interested in this tour. They can contact me on my facebook and are welcome to call me. I have been wondering what I can do to help the Cuban people...maybe offering my opinion on how to travel there would be helpful.
2015-11-30 | Katie and Lucy | United Kingdom | 8 Day Original Tour
Katie and Lucy, United Kingdom
November 30, 2015
Inti was a great tour guide - he managed to create some great experiences for us! He was full of information and more importantly able to sort things it when they didn't go to plan! Our bus suspension broke on day 3! But Inti managed to arrange another bus and sort it out. The accommodations were in general good, but being homestay said there were some variances in comfort, but nothing major. Included breakfasts were great! We appreciated having fruit and cheese, fresh juice, coffee and eggs. Other meals depended on the venue, but Inti managed to suggest some good places to eat, especially in Trinidad. Our favourite activity we did was the picnic and band on the beach outside Trinidad, and least favourite was Bay of Pigs museum. We enjoyed the picnic on the beach, the walk in Vinales and the classic car tour around Havana. The Bay of Pigs museum wasn`t that interesting - although the film gave some context to the history. I (Katie) have published some blogs about different experiences on the tour, such as the included walking tour of Old Havana that we did. In all we had a great time! We really loved getting involved in the culture of the island!
2015-11-01 | Debby | United States | 8 Day Original Tour
Debby, United States
November 1, 2015
Your tour was just what we were looking for! We appreciated having our lodging and transport taken care of but we also liked having different tour options at each destination. This allowed us to tour easily with friends and relatives at various ages (including my 80-year old mother-in-law) with different interests and physical abilities. It really was perfect for us. Yanna was excellent in my view. She was both fun and informative. She kept an even keel and cheerful disposition throughout the tour. I really appreciated her impromptu information sessions on the bus. She also provided fun opportunities for music and dance in the evenings. We appreciated the variety of Casa options that we stayed in. Some of the Casas that at first seemed "less fancy" ended up being our favorites so I`m glad we exposed to a variety of Casas and Casa Hosts. The most important thing to us was "easy" or "close" access to the most interesting things in the city. That was accomplished. The only place where we were a bit too "far" from the action was in Vinales, but we really loved the host family, so that made up for it. I can`t imagine better breakfasts. All hosts were extremely accommodating regarding what we ate and when we ate. Most of the evening group meals were also good. I have to say that the food we had at Dona Eutimias in Havana was memorable and the entire group loved it. Loved our tour bus. Luis was an excellent driver. I`m picky about safe driving habits and I felt safe and comfortable at all times. My favorite day trip the Topes Collantes hiking tour via Russian Truck. But I really appreciated the activities that were included in the tour such as the Bay of Pigs museum and the Che Guevara museum in Santa Clara. We also very much liked the Old Havana tour provided by Cuba Group Tours on the last day of our tour. We might have missed these tours without being part of the tour group. To me that was one of the best things about using your touring group services. I thought the balance was just right. Vinales and Trinidad were worth spending two nights each. They are outstanding places-in-cuba. Cienfuegos at sunset from the palace was stunning, but one night was sufficient. Offering extra days in Havana before or after the tour was a great option and I`m glad we did that. Havana was a very interesting and rewarding city to spend time in. I`m glad you included an Old Havana day tour. We learned so much that we would have missed!
2015-10-31 | Matthew | Australia | 8 Day Original Tour
Matthew, Australia
October 31, 2015
The best part about the tour was the variety of places-in-cuba and efforts of the guide to make sure we got to know each place well, and also that there was plenty of flexibility to do what we wanted to do most. The worst part about our visit were the hecklers. We left Cuba early once the tour finished - too much harassment on the streets. I wouldn't even know where to start with rating our guide. You couldn't imagine a person better suited to running this tour. Tony is an energetic, knowledgable and passionate guide who goes above and beyond to deliver an authentic experience. He`s an asset. Some homestays were better than others, but overall very good. They were always very clean and well-kept, but hosts differed in how comfortable they made you feel staying with them. The breakfasts were always nice, good variety and fresh. The driver was brilliant. We had some small reliability issues with the car, but definitely can`t complain with the overall quality. My favourite place was Trinidad. It was beautiful and awesome mix of young and old Cuba in one place. Great excursions available there and just a great general feel brought it the whole city. Suggested improvements: Don`t change a thing!
2015-08-31 | Adam | Canada | 8 Day Original Tour
Adam, Canada
August 31, 2015
I had a great trip! Glad I chose Cuban Adventures as I was allowed to see what life was like from a local perspective. I would not have chosen to travel any other way. Our guide Willmar was amazing, a true asset to your company. No question, request or inquiry was too much, he was always there to show us a new place and was constantly making sure we were satisfied and needed anything else. He organized special events for us that really made our tour memorable. The casas were really good overall, clean and hospitable. My favourites were Casa Fidel in Havana and Casa Osniel in Cienfuegos. The Casa in Vinales was nice but my room by the street was a bit noisy and the mattress was uncomfortable. Manuel was a great driver, he always made sure we were comfortable and he drove safely. He was friendly and courteous and the size of van was adequate for the group size. I would gladly recommend Cuban Adventures and this tour to any one who wants to see the "Real Cuba".
2015-07-31 | Laura & Greg | United States | Western Cuba Tour
Laura & Greg, United States
July 31, 2015
This was a complete blind faith trip. We booked everything online and it was our first working relationship with Cuban Adventures so when we landed in Cuba we did not know what to expect. Everything went off as explained. We always had a driver, tour guide, nice places to stay and plenty to do. We were very thankful for all of the help and support during our travels to Cuba. We love to travel alone or in small, small groups - and like to see things tourists don`t always see. This adventure offered us the opportunity to do just that. From the start our guide Osvaldo was there to offer us great suggestions as to how to spend our days. Always willing to help, and provide unique insight -- and ensure we had the best experience! He was a wonderful guide. His knowledge and patience were strong and appreciated. Being that there were only two of us, I think he was used to larger groups and it was a bit more intimate than usual for him. He was there for us in many ways and our trip would not have been as successful if it were not for Osvaldo. He truly helped to make our adventure that much better. Every home stay was wonderful - clean, friendly service - and, great food. Casona Obrapia was perfect for Havana. Tasteful, helpful, a nice room, good food and secure. Raydel runs a tight ship right smack dab in the middle of old Havana. Yeni in Soroa was wonderful. She is so sweet and accommodating. Plenty of water, beer and wine were offered conveniently in a fridge. Here breakfast and dinners were wonderful and her little home was welcoming and needed. The rocking chairs on the front porch were wonderful. Pupy in Vinales was wonderful as well. Clean, nice and right near the town. The breakfasts were great and Pupy`s whole family was wonderful. We loved our day in Vinales - hiking in Vinales was truly wonderful and we enjoyed the organic farm for dinner that evening. The water fall in Sarora was nice. We truly enjoyed our stay in Cuba - Havana, Vinales, Soroa - all great. Wish we could have spent more time in Las Terrazas!
2015-06-30 | Rebecca | Ireland | 15 Day Original Tour
Rebecca, Ireland
June 30, 2015
It was a great way to have an authentic experience of Cuba. We were made to feel very welcome in every homestay. The breakfasts were lovely and had some of the best meals in the casas. The bus was excellent! It was very comfortable with air con and a fridge too. Our driver was Jovani and he couldn't do enough to help anyone. Our guide Yanna was an extremely helpful and interested tour guide. She was always eager to share her knowledge and experience of beautiful Cuba. When we arrived in Havana after a lengthy arrival flight, she made sure to make us feel at our ease and to help us to adjust and adapt to our new unfamiliar surroundings. She brought us to a restaurant in the local square where we met our other tour group members and chatted about the up and coming itinerary. Yanna went above and beyond for the tour group and was eager that we experience all we wanted to. She even brought us to visit her family in Baracoa and they made us a drink and served us snacks. It is evident that Yanna is passionate about her job and enjoys it. When she talks about Cuba and its rich history she has a spark in her eye and has lots of interesting information to share. I asked her about a club called the Cave in Trinidad and straight away she said we would go there no questions asked. We had a great night! Yanna would give us loads of historical and geographical info about Cuba while on the bus or while in restaurants but she could easily gauge when we all wanted to relax on the bus too and just take in the terrain in quietness. Also Yanna would always put the group ahead of her to ensure that they are happy and comfortable e.g. she watched our bags while we went swimming, I ordered the wrong dish in a restaurant one day and she straight away said she would swap with me, she even bought us lovely chocolate from Baracoa and fruit and gave it to us on the long bus trip. Very kind! Yanna is great fun and was always encouraging us to dance and join in which we were delighted with. I will recommend Cuba group tours to my friends at home and just hope they are lucky enough to get Yanna as their tour guide. It was an amazing 15 nights! Thanks.
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