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January 2016
Carla, United States 8 Day Original Tour

I am so grateful to have taken this tour and been able to see Cuba before potential changes. My favorite aspect was learning about a government and people very different than the US. I loved the home stays and would always do this on future trips. They provided privacy while still giving us a chance to see the life of a Cuban.

Our guide Osvaldo went above and beyond taking great care of our group. He never lost patience or became frustrated even when we had a difficult person on our tour. I was so impressed with how he kindly handled the challenging person. I have been a tour guide myself, and Osvaldo is one of the best I have seen. He took care of all of the little details, even finding time to book a two week extension for a young German girl who was in our group. He obviously loves Cuba and is proud of this amazing country.

I liked being able to choose different activities. My favorite was the hike in Vinales seeing the tobacco and coffee farms. Osvaldo quickly scheduled a cooking class for me in Trinidad with Jesus`s sister. It was fantastic!! I learned to cook beans and rice in one hour and she ran out to buy ingredients for mojitos.

Our bus driver, Emanuel, was amazing!! He always kept us safe.

Thanks Cuban Adventures. Keep it small and local! Please don`t become a huge tour like those awful bus loads of foreigners.

I would be honored to help Americans who are looking for this style of trip come to Cuba. I am available to speak with potential travelers who are interested in this tour. They can contact me on my facebook and are welcome to call me. I have been wondering what I can do to help the Cuban people...maybe offering my opinion on how to travel there would be helpful.

Katie and Lucy
November 2015
Katie and Lucy, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

Inti was a great tour guide - he managed to create some great experiences for us! He was full of information and more importantly able to sort things it when they didn't go to plan! Our bus suspension broke on day 3! But Inti managed to arrange another bus and sort it out.

The accommodations were in general good, but being homestay said there were some variances in comfort, but nothing major. Included breakfasts were great! We appreciated having fruit and cheese, fresh juice, coffee and eggs. Other meals depended on the venue, but Inti managed to suggest some good places to eat, especially in Trinidad.

Our favourite activity we did was the picnic and band on the beach outside Trinidad, and least favourite was Bay of Pigs museum. We enjoyed the picnic on the beach, the walk in Vinales and the classic car tour around Havana. The Bay of Pigs museum wasn`t that interesting - although the film gave some context to the history.

I (Katie) have published some blogs about different experiences on the tour, such as the included walking tour of Old Havana that we did.

In all we had a great time! We really loved getting involved in the culture of the island!

November 2015
Debby, United States 8 Day Original Tour

Your tour was just what we were looking for! We appreciated having our lodging and transport taken care of but we also liked having different tour options at each destination. This allowed us to tour easily with friends and relatives at various ages (including my 80-year old mother-in-law) with different interests and physical abilities. It really was perfect for us.

Yanna was excellent in my view. She was both fun and informative. She kept an even keel and cheerful disposition throughout the tour. I really appreciated her impromptu information sessions on the bus. She also provided fun opportunities for music and dance in the evenings.

We appreciated the variety of Casa options that we stayed in. Some of the Casas that at first seemed "less fancy" ended up being our favorites so I`m glad we exposed to a variety of Casas and Casa Hosts. The most important thing to us was "easy" or "close" access to the most interesting things in the city. That was accomplished. The only place where we were a bit too "far" from the action was in Vinales, but we really loved the host family, so that made up for it.

I can`t imagine better breakfasts. All hosts were extremely accommodating regarding what we ate and when we ate. Most of the evening group meals were also good. I have to say that the food we had at Dona Eutimias in Havana was memorable and the entire group loved it.

Loved our tour bus. Luis was an excellent driver. I`m picky about safe driving habits and I felt safe and comfortable at all times.

My favorite day trip the Topes Collantes hiking tour via Russian Truck. But I really appreciated the activities that were included in the tour such as the Bay of Pigs museum and the Che Guevara museum in Santa Clara. We also very much liked the Old Havana tour provided by Cuba Group Tours on the last day of our tour. We might have missed these tours without being part of the tour group. To me that was one of the best things about using your touring group services.

I thought the balance was just right. Vinales and Trinidad were worth spending two nights each. They are outstanding places-in-cuba. Cienfuegos at sunset from the palace was stunning, but one night was sufficient. Offering extra days in Havana before or after the tour was a great option and I`m glad we did that. Havana was a very interesting and rewarding city to spend time in. I`m glad you included an Old Havana day tour. We learned so much that we would have missed!

October 2015
Matthew, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

The best part about the tour was the variety of places-in-cuba and efforts of the guide to make sure we got to know each place well, and also that there was plenty of flexibility to do what we wanted to do most. The worst part about our visit were the hecklers. We left Cuba early once the tour finished - too much harassment on the streets.

I wouldn't even know where to start with rating our guide. You couldn't imagine a person better suited to running this tour. Tony is an energetic, knowledgable and passionate guide who goes above and beyond to deliver an authentic experience. He`s an asset.

Some homestays were better than others, but overall very good. They were always very clean and well-kept, but hosts differed in how comfortable they made you feel staying with them. The breakfasts were always nice, good variety and fresh.

The driver was brilliant. We had some small reliability issues with the car, but definitely can`t complain with the overall quality.

My favourite place was Trinidad. It was beautiful and awesome mix of young and old Cuba in one place. Great excursions available there and just a great general feel brought it the whole city.

Suggested improvements: Don`t change a thing!

August 2015
Adam, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

I had a great trip! Glad I chose Cuban Adventures as I was allowed to see what life was like from a local perspective. I would not have chosen to travel any other way. Our guide Willmar was amazing, a true asset to your company. No question, request or inquiry was too much, he was always there to show us a new place and was constantly making sure we were satisfied and needed anything else. He organized special events for us that really made our tour memorable.

The casas were really good overall, clean and hospitable. My favourites were Casa Fidel in Havana and Casa Osniel in Cienfuegos. The Casa in Vinales was nice but my room by the street was a bit noisy and the mattress was uncomfortable. Manuel was a great driver, he always made sure we were comfortable and he drove safely. He was friendly and courteous and the size of van was adequate for the group size.

I would gladly recommend Cuban Adventures and this tour to any one who wants to see the "Real Cuba".

Jason & Patrice
March 2015
Jason & Patrice, Trinidad and Tobago 8 Day Original Tour

Format of trip was excellent in that it allowed for personal choice with free time. That was a big draw for us and worked out really well. Tony and Soto were excellent guides for us and made us feel like we were experiencing the real Cuban lifestyle con el Palestino y el Conductor Magnfico!

Tony is a true professional with right amount of charm, charisma, humour and wit. A diplomat when needed and customer oriented. A good magician and a person who knows his history and is interactive. We always felt that he was available for questions and we appreciated his openness and the integrity of his responses. Most importantly, he was an integral part of connecting us to the closer-to-unfiltered Cuban lifestyle experience...through the food, language, songs and natural manner of going with the flow. The group also got along quite well and both Tony and driver Soto made us feel as part of the Cuba family for 8 days till we were eating, dancing, singing, laughing together any time and all of the time!

The bus was very comfortable and the close quarters helped with the group dynamic. Soto was a great driver, friendly, charming and safe. He was a very positive and entertaining presence and an integral part of our group dynamic with a fantastic rapport with the group members, so much so that all off the ladies insisted on a group photo with him in Santa Clara! He and Tony were a great double act!

All rooms were well clean, beds were decent and bathroom facilities adequate. Some casas provided soap others did not. Some rooms were modern and others old. Some rooms and or bathrooms a bit cramped others had more space. The hosts were all quite friendly and probably it helped that we speak decent Spanish so therefore could have extensive discussions on various topics with them. Our Casa hosts were wonderful people!

Breakfast at the casas was very good. It was usually the same everyday - fruit plate, eggs, bread and coffee and juice. Meals outside organized by guide were also very good with mainly local food and flavour. Sometimes a lot of pork and limited vegetarian or fish options. Not that we are complaining as we loved the local food and love meat!

Vinales was a real highlight of our trip. We were fortunate since Carnival was at the same time. We were active day and night! Besides the farm we had a fantastic horseback ride to Cueva de Palmarito, delicious dinner at Fincha de Wilfred and then partied on two nights in the streets! Also beach bonfire in Trinidad organized by guide was excellent, great tasty food, musicians and good fun.

The people within the entire group made this tour a resounding success and we could not have wished for a greater bunch of strangers-cum-friends with whom to share my Cuban tour! No somos Yumas!

Paul & Valerie
February 2015
Paul & Valerie, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

I loved it all - getting to know somewhat the Cuban people, their lives and political situation, seeing a communist society, the food, and the history of Cuba.

Beny was a good guide . He cared about his charges and dealt with us as individuals and gave us personal attention.

I speak some Spanish and while I found the Cuban dialect somewhat difficult to understand the time spent with the host families was great. It was informative and I came away with a great affection for the Cuban people. a couple of the casas particulares were run more like small hotels but there was still good interaction with the help.

The meals were very similar from place to place so there was little variety. I really enjoyed the fresh fruit we had every day. Quantities were more than adequate. I loved the coffee.

The quality of the bus exceeded my expectations. There were times though that the bus was uncomfortable due to the air conditioning not being on enough. This was a comment I heard from other passengers as well.

I enjoyed all locations; Havana, Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Che mausoleum. My favourite excursion was the walk in Vinales!

February 2015
Claire, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

Osvaldo was an outstanding guide. I could not fault him. He took our group on at very short notice as our intended guide had to pull out at the last minute. He quickly learnt our names. He was fun, informative and utterly professional. He organised a taxi to take us on to Jibacoa at the end of the tour and contacted the driver whilst we were being driven there to see that he`d picked us up alright. He could easily not have bothered but I think this shows an aspect of his thoroughness to see things through. I was most impressed by the care he showed everyone to see that we were alright at all times.

Everything to do with the accommodation was fine apart from the showers. These were often cold/lukewarm and had very poor power. There was always lots of food. The fruit at breakfast was delicious and plentiful.

Transport was fine apart from the long distance from Vinales to Cienfuegos where we spent the majority of the day in a coach. This is difficult to avoid when you want to see as much as possible.

My favourite activity was visiting an organic small holding in Vinales and watching sunset whilst sipping cocktails was a highlight. It was then followed by the most amazing quantity and quality of food for just 10 CUC`s!! Vinales has beautiful scenery and there are plenty of activities to try allowing each of us at times to choose different activities such as horse riding, lessons in salsa dancing. I particularly enjoyed a session on percussion playing.

Cuban Adventures was helpful during the booking process. Every query answered quickly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cuban Adventures to anyone. It was a tremendous experience. We had an excellent guide and a good group that got on very well with each other, and the itinerary was good.

December 2014
Melanie, New Zealand 8 Day Original Tour

This was a truly amazing experience. Our group was awesome and we all clicked so well, we literally did everything together. Made some lifelong friends that I look forward to meeting up with. Cuba is such a beautiful destination with so many great things, I hope they can hold onto the best parts of their society as it opens up to the world.

Valeri really made our trip. He was so knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, he really is an asset to your company. What a great guy and what a fantastic ambassador for Cuba.

Each location was unique and fantastic. My favourite activities were the walking tour in Habana, the waterfall hike in Trinidad, and live music and dancing every night. The worst part was saying goodbye to everyone on the last day.

Lucy & Emma
October 2014
Lucy & Emma, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

Valeri was a fantastic guide, with an incredible knowledge of all things Cuba. His enthusiasm and vivacity permeated through the group and everyday was full of fun times. He made everyone feel incredibly welcome, always ensuring we stuck together during activities. He became everyone`s friend, not just a tour guide, and went above and beyond to ensure we all had an incredible holiday. Thanks so much Valeri!

Amazing homestay hosts, especially Cary in Vinales and Libiya and Rogue in Cienfuegos. Smaller home stays were definitely better as they didn't have a hotel feel. They were very clean and amazing food for breakfast!

Transport was good with an awesome big bus! Clean, nice drivers and lots of fun riding in old cars to activities! A suggested improvement would be more time to see the town of Cienfuegos - even just a longer tour in the morning.

November 2013
Gergely, Hungary 8 Day Original Tour

We've been on many tours in many different countries, but we both agreed that Dadi was the best guide we'd ever had, anywhere. The casa hosts were all extremely friendly, and although we've slept in more comfortable beds, they weren't in Cuba. Atmosphere, especially in Vinales, was very good. Nice way to travel.

The hosts always laid on a breakfast with fresh fruit juice, coffee, eggs, bread and cheese and the restaurants our guide recommended and meals she organized were very good, although if you enjoy spicy food you'll have to bring your own hot sauce to the island. There was a great selection of things to do at every destination, ranging from scuba diving and drinking rum on the beach to touring a tobacco plantation. Transport was clean and comfortable, driver was very friendly and polite.

October 2013
Chris, United States 8 Day Original Tour

Overall Impressions - This was a very hands-on and intimate visit to Cuba. The attention to each group member was extremely sensitive, and plenty of opportunity was provided for each traveler to experience Cuba on his or her own terms, even though our group happened to get along perfectly and entertained one another throughout the trip. Our eclectic combination of divergent travelers (USA, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cuba) held lengthy discussions about what we had each experienced, comparing notes and observations about the countryside, culture and customs. We experienced diverse and fun activities: tasting, listening, swimming, dancing, and hiking through marvelous mini-segments of Cuban life.

Tour Guide - Ossie was a wonderful guide. He answered all questions thoroughly. Perhaps because he had a trainee along as well as Clarita, he was at times more distracted from the guests. I would have appreciated more voluntary information about the education system, medical systems, crops along the road etc without having to specifically ask for the information. But perhaps this is a good way to do it in case some guests are not so interested as I was. I appreciated Ossie's openness and knowledge about the people and culture of Cuba. He also looked out for the safety and comfort of the group in the evenings when we went out to listen to music and to dance. He was extremely attentive.

Accommodation - As to be expected, some hosts were more attentive than others. One accommodation lacked clean, fresh towels and the breakfast was unappetizing, but for the most part, each home was unique and fascinating. The most outstanding home was Casa Mirta y Blanco in Vinales. It was extremely clean and had nice touches everywhere. Excellent food, too.

Meals - The group dinners/meals were of excellent quality and variety.

Transport - The bus was perfect for chatting and viewing the scenery. The fridge was nice to have. The driver was very careful and courteous.


  • Favourite - The waterfalls (Trinidad) and the coffee finca in Vinales. I also enjoyed the organic farm and the dinner there.

  • Least Favourite - The mural (Vinales). I would have preferred a bicycle ride around the environs over a bus trip to the sad murals.

  • Comments - One activity I wish I had asked about was the chance to attend either ballet, symphony or opera in Havana. I would have liked the concept to be brought up and perhaps help in procuring tickets.

Best part of tour - Talking to locals, staying in homes, seeing rural areas as well as Havana.

Worst part of tour - One of our homestays was dismal, although it had potential (Cienfuegos). The information card and name of host was given to Ossie.

Suggested Improvements - Suggest to people that they spend at least one to two more days in Havana on their own. There is lots to see and do. We had two days prior to the tour and enjoyed it very much. Perhaps instead of dancing every night, there could be a more cultural concert to attend or a different type of art form to appreciate. Our particular travel group was into partying and music, but sometimes I felt that we could have experienced higher quality music, and perhaps more authentic music. No matter, I loved it all.
The written materials provided were excellent, however, taking along a good guide book such as Roughgide or Lonely Planet is advised. There are many cultural and historical aspects covered in these books, adding to the value of the trip. It is virtually impossible to buy these books in Cuba or at gateway exits, so order one ahead and have it in hand. It is easy to stow on the bus if you don't want to lug it around all day.
The woman who exchanged our CUCs at the airport tried to cheat us out of over 100$US. Guests should be advised to pay very careful attention to what money changers do in the booth. We were exchanging Mexican pesos to CUCs and had to ask her to recount the money 3 times and she was very rude when caught in the act.
Also, upon departure our Cubana flight departed one hour late, so we missed our connection in Mexico and had to rebook our Mexican flights (with no refund for our missed flight), and pay the full price for those tickets, costing over $700 US which we had not anticipated. But we had no recourse. If this is a frequent occurrence, perhaps guests could be advised not to book connecting Cubana flights too closely.

Booking Process - The booking worked out great. Our initial contact, Alan was extremely helpful and we were able to quickly arrange the trip with little time to spare.

August 2013
Claire, Ireland 8 Day Original Tour

Tour Guide - Tatiana was amazing! She made the tour for us, great knowledge and so much fun. She took us to the coolest of places that were off the tourist track, like the Organic Farm in Vinales and the Cave Nightclub in Trinidad. Couldn't recommend her more :)

Accommodation - The Casas were super! They were much nicer than I was expecting. All the hosts were so welcoming and cooked the most amazing food! Great experience.

Meals - Food was so much better than I was expecting! So much fresh fish, vegetables and fruit, not forgetting the wonderful pork! The feast we had at the Organic Farm in Vinales was one of the best meals I've ever had!

Transport - With Paquito and Adriano at the wheel, we couldn't have asked for a better journey! They knew all the great spots to stop for lunch and took us on some great scenic detours, especially around Santa Clara. They were both so much fun too and along with Tatiana, are our new Cuban family!

Favourite Excursion - Tobacco farm in Vinales with local guide Sandra was super!

Favourite Destination - Vinales is such a wonderful little town with super friendly people that are so willing to show you the local culture, whether it be tobacco farming or salsa dancing!

Least Favourite Destination - Im sure Cienfuegos is a nice place but we didnt have much time there.

Trip Notes and Maps we provided - Practical and clear information that helped us get by with day to day living on the tour.

Suggested Improvements - Maybe an extra day on the tour to spread out some of the driving time and see more of Cienfuegos or Trinidad.

Booking Process - Girls in office were super helpful with information and with the booking.

July 2013
Noelle, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

I just want to thank Cuban Adventures for such a wonderful experience I had in Cuba on the 8 day classic tour. I have been to a lot of countries around the world & been on a few tours but this one by far has been the best & left a lasting impression on me. Ossie (our local guide & friend) & Soto (driver extraordinaire!) went out of their way to make sure our group had comfortable & enjoyable trip which speaks a great amount about the Cuban people. Without them I don't think my trip would be so memorable & I have promised to return to Cuba to experience the culture, history & wonderful hospitality again.

Ossie is extremely approachable, attentive & knowledgeable tour guide that made everyone in our small group at ease. He has a big heart & was proud of his country & showed off the best of Cuba which made our tour fun, informative & memorable. By the end of the trip it was like a group of old friends travelling around.

At all the Casas we were greeted with a smiling face & warm hospitality. They were definitely 1 of the highlights of the tour & I felt very privileged to be staying with the host families who always made our stay very welcome. The meals at the casa's were always fresh & healthy. This tour by far has been one of the most healthy I've traveled on as all the produced used is seasonal which meant that the food was always delicious & great value for money. I particularly loved the tropical fruit & the choice of lobster for dinner!

Our driver Soto was another highlight of our trip. Every morning he greeted us with a cheeky smile & Spanish greeting which made our journey a pleasure. I will always remember my time in Trinidad as one of the best days of my life. We started by hiking & swimming to a waterfall in the morning then scuba diving/snorkelling at the beach in a thunderstorm followed by dancing & clubbing in a cave until the early hours of the morning.

Thanks to Meria & Oneida for organising my pre-departure plans & flights. You both made it an extremely easy process & I really appreciate all the assistance.

June 2013
Jarod, New Zealand 8 Day Original Tour

Hi. Just want to pass on my gratitude for a brilliant 8 day tour with our amazing guide Natalia. She made the trip a special experience for the whole group and went out of her way to help us every step of the way (even helping us with transfer issues even after the trip finished). Natalia really knows her stuff and her excellent insider knowledge of Cuba not only saved us money but also gave us a more authentic experience. Thanks again, we will spread the word about Natalia and the excellent tour.

Rhianydd and Katie
May 2013
Rhianydd and Katie, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

I LOVED our recent tour with Cuban Adventures! Our tour guide David was friendly, funny and a very entertaining guide! He was knowledgeable about Cuba and each area we visited (and what he didn't know, he'd always try to find out). He was tireless in his ability and desire to take care of his (sometimes erratic) flock...whether on nights out, excursions, at restaurants or anywhere else! He was professional, fun and made our experience a great one.

Our homestays were friendly, especially Mirta in Vinales who was an excellent host! She was very accommodating (despite our rather late arrivals home after some great nights out...) and her home cooked food was excellent.

Our bus was comfortable, air conditioned, played some classic tunes and always turned up...what more can you ask for?! Coco, billed as 'crazy Coco' was polite and very reliable!

We loved all of the excursions we took part in. Highlights were hiking and caves in Vinales, horse riding in Trinidad, snorkeling in the Bay of Pigs and the Che memorial and museum in Santa Clara.

We had less official time in Havana than we had perhaps expected. We did the old town tour on day 1 and had a couple of hours free time on the last day before our farewell dinner. We had arranged to spend a couple of days in Havana either side of the tour in any event, so this was no problem, but it may be worth making this clearer and perhaps suggesting guests arrange extra time in Havana to see the various museums etc., in the tour description.

Ben & Windy
April 2012
Ben & Windy, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

Windy and I had a great time with Cuban Adventures (May 6th - 8 day original tour). Thanks for making our experience a great one. Loved the home stays and Nel was a fantastic guide. Highly recommend him... went above and beyond our expectations. Vinales, Trinidad, and Havanna were our favourite.

Andrea and Charles
January 2012
Andrea and Charles, United States 8 Day Original Tour

Our week was as near perfect as we can imagine. Your style of travel (very grass roots) is exactly what we were looking for. The western tour is perhaps not the best "first sample" of Cuba, as it misses the colonial towns, but we had a great time in Pinar del Rio province. Nel was well informed and delightful company. The Hotel Nacional is world class and classic. The guest house in Vinales was pleasant and well kept - I just wish the rooster was in the dinner pot and not outside our window! The diving center at Maria La Gorda is a great find - uncrowded, clean, killer view. The pig roast and house party at the farm in Vinales was a wonderful evening. We liked all three places-in-cuba.

Favourite activity: Guided walk through tobacco fields in Vinales.
Least favourite: There was no least favorite excursion.
Best part of tour: Getting to know three of your guides - Nel, Tony, Jorge.
Worst part of tour: One week is not enough time.

We had a great introduction to Cuba, thanks to Nel, and look forward to returning and seeing the rest of the island.

November 2011
Natalie, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

Natalia was amazing, we loved her. Could not have asked for a better guide, she was brilliant. I was extremely pleased with all aspects of the accommodation - better than we expected. Food in Cuba was also better than we expected. Very pleasantly surprised. We really appreciated having a Cuban guide to explain everything to us. This made the trip so much more enriching than if we had traveled on our own. Honestly I just loved it all!!!

October 2011
Beth, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

Having a local guide in Cuba was very important. Ossie was fabulous! He was able to show us things that someone not from Cuba wouldn't have known about. I feel so lucky to have had him guide me around Cuba. His English was incredible and his knowledge was overwhelmingly impressive. I have traveled all over the world and have never had such an easy, fun, educational experience from any tour guide. He was so helpful with any of our needs, always making sure that we were comfortable with whatever we were doing or wherever we were staying. He presented us with different activity options so that we had the perfect trip tailored to what we wanted to do. He made my experience an exceptional one. It was also clear that people really respect and like him wherever we went which made things more comfortable for the group. I have a food allergy to gluten/wheat. Ossie made sure that everywhere I went, the homestay hosts were aware of this as well as any restaurant. I always had something good and safe to eat. This made what could have been a difficult experience for me, very easy.

Favourite activity: The waterfall outside Trinidad and the white sand beach outside Trinidad with the incredible picnic that was provided for us arranged by Ossie.

Least favourite: I honestly didn't have a least favorite. I thought the variety was excellent and Ossie made sure we did what we wanted to do so that no one was disappointed. That was key.

October 2011
Danielle, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

I absolutely loved it, loved it, loved it!!!
I have never done a tour before so have nothing to compare this to but would have no hesitation recommending this to anyone.

Jorge was simply amazing ensuring everyone got what they wanted out of the trip. Staying in home stays was definitely a highlight of the trip. I felt like I got a greater insight into Cuban life this way. All of the hosts were extremely friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Jorge was interesting, fun, knowledgeable and genuinely keen to make sure we all had an awesome trip. He is proud of his country and willing to share his personal experiences with us. We had a nice variety of meals from pizza on the street to a great steak restaurant. It was always a nice surprise to find out where we were going to eat next. Pedro was an excellent driver who looked after us well always opening doors, driving safely and putting up with 6 women constantly chatting!!

Favourite activity: Topes de Collantes national park to the Vega grand waterfalls. I also loved the Che memorial, an important thing for every visitor to Cuba to see.

The variety of activities was excellent. Jorge also didn't stick to the list sent out to us but rather made sure everyone did something of interest to them personally. I loved all the places-in-cuba but would have liked an extra night in Cienfuegos to see more. It was a nice variety of places with lots to see, do and experience. Jorge was very clear and passionate about Responsible Travel of which I personally appreciate.

Best part of tour: Spending a night with Jorge's friends playing dominoes, drinking rum and eating roast pig. I felt like I experiences a real bit of Cuba and loved every minute of it.

Keep running your business this way as it is truly successful.

October 2011
Terri, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

I had an amazing tour in Cuba with my guide, Jorge. I've blogged the experience on www.wscstgrl.com. Best part of the tour was our tour guide, Jorge, who created opportunities for us to be immersed in Cuban life ie: invited us to a local house party one evening - a real highlight of the tour. If I had to pick a worst it would be the long hours in the van - especially the back seat BUT I wouldn't have wanted to miss any of the places we visited. It was my first time in a group tour so it was nice to have a local agent in Vancouver to talk to about the experience. A small hitch connecting with the tour as there were no notes left for anyone at the Nacional. Service at the Hotel Nacional exceptionally poor. They could not locate some of our tour group even though we had checked in. Front desk staff particularly unhelpful. Some guest house hosts more friendly than others but all part of the experience. I loved trying out the paladors and different restaurants. Great choices by our tour guide Jorge.

September 2011
Suzie, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

The trip was wonderful and Valeri was amazing and an excellent tour guide. I just wish we had been able to stay longer! Valeri taught us so much about the history of Cuba and explained many of the complexities of the current situation. He happily answered all of our questions and was always attentive and genuinely wanted us to see the best side of Cuba. He was so generous with his time, endlessly patient, and always did his best to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. He always made sure we were safe and went above and beyond acting as a tour guide; he quickly become a close friend. Spending time with him and getting to know Cuba through his eyes made the trip unforgettable. I have gone home with fantastic memories of the trip and, thanks to him, will be recommending Cuban Adventures generally and Valeri particularly to all my family and friends. He is truly an asset to your organisation and a wonderful person. The homestay were also wonderful and welcoming. The rooms were so comfortable and the hosts were lovely and friendly and really made us feel at home. The Hotel Nacional was amazing!. Cuban coffee is amazing. Best start to the day. Dinner at the homestays was delicious and plentiful! I love Cuba and hope to one day come back. The booking process was so easy and I got really quick replies every time!

Emilia and Hanybal
April 2011
Emilia and Hanybal, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

Travelling with Cuban Adventures really made our Cuban experience so much better than we had expected. Our guide was a star! He is an absolutely fantastic tour leader. He really made our Cuba experience very special as he constantly was switched on and went out of his way to accommodate for us and show us the real Cuba. He organised some amazing activities for us and we really had a blast of a time. Could not have asked for a better leader. Most of the excursions were good fun and we really enjoyed the flexibility of doing whatever we wanted. That was one of the main reason we initially booked with Cuban Adventures. The hiking and beach and walking tour in Vinales and the BBQ with local family were really fun. We loved all the places we stopped at. I think we spent sufficient time in each place and saw what we wanted to see with the exception of Havana - we would have preferred to spend more time in Old Havana with the group on the first day and last time. The homestays were absolutely fantastic and really comfortable and accommodating hosts. The breakfasts at the homestays were absolutely fantastic. Really fresh and great quality.

Georgie and Ben
March 2011
Georgie and Ben, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

Jorge was an outstanding guide. He was as an absolutely integral component of our experience of Cuba. I feel that our experience of this fascinating country would have been significantly less had we not had such an honest, educated and organised tour leader. I could not recommend him highly enough.

The home stays were great and I would definitely recommend them to others. Breakfast was always generous and of a high standard. The variety was more than adequate given the food constraints that exist in Cuba. The quality of food in the restaurants that Jorge recommended to us was great. There was always a lot of food (which is not really a problem).

We mostly enjoyed the more relaxed activities - like the BBQ on the beach in Trinidad. Jorge also organised for us to go a finals baseball game that was being played just outside of Vinales at that was a real cultural experience. We also really enjoyed just walking around with Jorge, asking him questions and chatting to him about life in Cuba. We had a great afternoon in Santa Clara just sitting in a park, drink a Cuba Libra and learning about a battle that occurred as part of the Revolution. Even having to get money out at the bank was a cultural experience!!!

Favourite parts:

  • Baseball and the drive in the 50's cars to and from the baseball

  • BBQ on the beach in Trinidad

  • Park in Santa Clara

  • Hiking around Trinidad and Vinales

  • Chatting with Jorge on the first night in one of the beautiful squares in Havana

  • The best "hole in the wall" pizza ever in Trinidad

  • Swimming in the Bay of Pigs

Stenbeck Family
February 2010
Stenbeck Family, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

We had a fantastic time in Cuba with Jorge on as our tour guide! We took our 2 teenagers and our 7 year old. Jorge treated them like he was the older brother! We only wish that we had more time to spend! Jorge was able to arrange for us to spend some time and share a meal with a family who had not previously had an opportunity to spend time with tourists. He even made sure to find a family with a 7 year old girl to play with our youngest daughter! We have recommended your company to people we know. This was a great eye opener for our kids too, just to see the difference in culture, and even the similarities. Even though the girls and I were a bit ill for 1.5 days, Jorge and our driver Pedro, were very good about it! Jorge went to the clinic to get us medicine and hydrating salts to make sure we got better. We did! The photo is our family in the caves at Maria La Gorda. I know we will use your services again!.

December 2009
Keri-Jane, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

I loved the fact we stayed in homestays, a much more authentic way to see Cuba, plus a great chance to practice your Spanish, and if you are lucky, Salsa lessons with breakfast! Great tour guide - Yoxander - he is passionate about his country and wants you to have the best time possible, his knowledge is great and we got regular history lessons and pointers along the way. A private minibus was another unexpected bonus on a budget tour.

Biljana and Uros
November 2009
Biljana and Uros, New Zealand 8 Day Original Tour

I just wanted to say big thanks for a wonderful tour in Cuba. We appreciate that you were able to organise a tour for us outside the scheduled time frame. Also the tour guide we had, Dadi Rodriguez was absolutely awesome. She has great knowledge about all things Cuban and was very friendly. She showed us many faces of Cuba, from Cuban life and culture to nightlife and underwater world. :) We met another tour guide (Roger) who is also very nice even though we weren't part of his group. Once again thank you. We will happily recommend Cuban Adventures to any of our friends who consider travelling to that part of the World.

Sarah Williams
August 2009
Sarah Williams, United Kingdom 8 Day Original Tour

I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on. Valeri was a super tour guide. We had such a fantastic experience in Cuba and much of this was due to Valeri's enthusiasm, organisation, passion and knowledge of Cuba and the tour. He also went above and beyond to help myself and Sinead with the days following the tour by arranging homestays in Santiago and Baracoa for us. I would definitely recommend Valeri as a tour guide to anyone wishing to get to know Cuba and learn about its history and culture. I loved staying in the casas. This was a great way to have more insight into cuban life. On the whole, the hosts were really friendly. I was expecting food to be more basic in Cuba and was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes breakfasts were almost too much food! Clarita, who I booked through was extremely helpful from the minute I made interest until the moment just before and this information was invaluable. This made things so much more easier and with her knowledge of Cuba for us prior to going was great.

Leo Rosseau
March 2009
Leo Rosseau, Canada 8 Day Original Tour

In spite of being the only senior among a group of young adults I had a great time and worried unnecessarily. Your adventure concept is 'right on'. I have been looking for this type of tour of Cuba and my prayers were answered. As a matter of fact the age difference turned out to be a positive factor. Multi talented Yoxander is certainly an asset to your enterprise. He tells me that he has only been at this job for 8 mos. Yet he is doing it like a pro. I missed my toasts in the morning but then - “When in Rome do as romans do”

Jackie Yowell and Steven Rothfield
July 2008
Jackie Yowell and Steven Rothfield, Australia 8 Day Original Tour

Thanks very much John and Yoxander for a great time in Cuba. We are still raving about it! We liked the range of the activities but the highlight for us was the engagement with local people and the freedom to explore each place. Talking to ordinary Cubans in towns and on farms was particularly interesting.