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Mentions in the Media

Cuban Adventures is referred to in the following articles that have been published in reputable newspapers and magazines:

  • A Cuban tour guide hopes his industry can rebound - CNN interviews Cuban Adventures tour guide Karel in the series titled "Voices of the Pandemic".

    A Cuban tour guide hopes his industry can rebound
    A Cuban tour guide hopes his industry can rebound - CNN interviews Cuban Adventures tour guide Karel in the series titled "Voices of the Pandemic".
  • How can you still go to Cuba despite new U.S. travel restrictions? - by David Oliver in USA Today. The new (June 5, 2019) US-Cuba travel rules are explained including the immediate halt of US cruise ship visits to Cuba, the end of the P2P travel category, and a mention of Cuban Adventures USA as a legal means to travel to Cuba under the SCP General License category..
  • In Cuba, as an uncertain future inches closer, it’s still a step back in time - by Moriah Balingit in the travel section of the Washington Post. Mariah looks at the future for tourism in Cuba and gauges the sentiment among Cubans about the likely changes.
  • Cuba - seeing the sounds of the island - by Keith Rockmael in Relix magazine. Keith looks at the musical side of Cuba and the different musical styles and rhythms that originated in Cuba.
  • Caribbean Dream- Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Comments by Vicky Copping were published in the “Traveller” section of this prominent Australian newspaper. She expressed her gratitude to Cuban Adventures for refunding her trip to Cuba in full soon after it had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. (see original article)

Articles written by our travelers about their trip to Cuba

  • She Breathes FireAzrael joined our 6 Day Western Cuba Tourand did some solo traveling in Cuba as well. Based on this she wrote up a thoughtful Cuba Travel Guide and included an excellent summary of Cuba’s history and suggestions for the best way for Americans to visit Cuba.
  • EXPLORING CUBA'S HIGHEST MOUNTAIN RANGE by Bitten by the Travel Bug - with our help Sophie treks to Cuba's highest mountain - Pico Turquino - and visits the mountain hideaway that Fidel used on his way to overthrow the Batista dictatorship.
  • 10 Days in Cuba- Jonny Melon joined our Multi-Sport Cuba Tour and recommends this itinerary as great way to keep active while visiting Cuba on a 10 day trip.
azrael woman in car
Azrael took our 6 Day Western Cuba Tour while researching her Cuba Travel Guide
  • Old Havana Walking Tour with Cuban Adventures - by EtSy Explores - Et and Sy tell how their walking tour of Old Havana with Yanet helped them understand Cuba as a country in transition and appreciate it in a new light.
  • Afro-Cuban Religion Tour in Havana | Review - by EtSy Explores - Et and Sy take our Afro-Cuba Religion Tour in Havana and describe their impressions and their experience. Some great photos accompany a quite detailed account.
  • MOJITOS ANYONE? - by Robyn & Darian - Rob and Darian took an 11 day customized private tour with us in April 2016. They give a good description of how Cuba works and the historical reasons and context for that. They also relate some of their more interesting experiences and encounters with the people and culture in Cuba.
  • CUBA, OLD HAVANA WALKING TOUR - by What's Katie Doing - Katie and Lucy take our walking tour of Old Havana with expert guides Alex and Inti. This walk wanders through the oldest and most historical parts of the city, and among other highlights, leads you to the 4 main colonial plazas.
  • CUBA, THE ISLAND WHERE TIME HAS STOPPED - by Postcarders - Daniela met Darren on her 8 day tour of Cuba and they are now living together in New Zealand. Their adventures on the tour inspired them to start their own travel blog. The section on Cuba features an excellent list of tips to follow while travelling in Cuba.
  • SOME THOUGHTS ON CUBA - by Taksidin - Aggie gives her impressions on Cuba and its people, and how her visit there gave her inspiration and a more positive outlook on life.
  • CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS EVE IN CUBA at Las Parrandas de Remedios - by Wanderlust Megan - Since the Revolution in Cuba, unlike in many parts of the western world, Christmas is not celebrated in a big way. However Cuba's most crazy party (and one of its most traditional) comes to a climax precisely on this night in the small town of Remedios in the province of Villa Clara in central Cuba. Megan Kennedy gives us her first hand account of what went down on the night.
  • VISITING A TOBACCO FARM in Viñales, Cuba - by Wanderlust Megan - Megan Kennedy gives her impressions of her trip to the tobacco growing valley of Vinales in western Cuba.
  • BEST WAY TO SEE CUBA - by Mr & Mrs Romance - Jim and Christina write that going on their small-group tour of Cuba was the best decision they have made in a long time. They took some excellent photos along the way!
  • TOUR OF WESTERN CUBA - by The West Coast Girl - Terri Johnson tells us of her adventures on an 8 day tour of western Cuba.
  • CUBA & USA 2009 - by Christine Seabrook - A photographic journey around Cuba including Havana, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Trinidad and Santa Clara.

Blogs written by our Cuban Adventures Team Members

  • WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH CUBA - by Natalia Coronado - Natalia has been working for us as a tour guide in Cuba since 2007. She gives us an eloquent insight into what she sees as being so special and unique about Cuba, its culture, and people.
  • MY TOUR LEADER YEARS IN CUBA - by Jorge Vasconcelos - Jorge worked as a tour guide in Cuba for us in Cuba for several years before getting married. He now lives in the UAE where he teaches French. He tells us about his favourite places in Cuba and the lifelong friends he made along the way.
  • CLIMBING CUBA'S HIGHEST MOUNTAIN - by John Ahrens - John is our company director and sometimes escapes from the office to explore places he has never been to in Cuba. He describes his journey to reach Cuba's highest peak (Pico Turquino)
  • GIBARA - THE AUTHENTIC SIDE OF CUBA - by John Ahrens - John describes Gibara as a small and charming coastal village on the northern coast of Cuba, that is for the most part, yet to be discovered by tourists.
  • THE BOXING GYM IN OLD HAVANA - by John Ahrens - John recommends a visit to this boxing gym in the back streets of Old Havana.
  • ONCE THERE WAS A COW - by Roger Blanco - Roger was our first ever local tour guide in Cuba, and is still going strong! He traces the crazy history of the beef and dairy industry in Cuba and the contradictions surrounding it.
  • THE BEGINNING OF A LOVE AFFAIR - by Clarita Derwent - Our General Manager Clarita tells of her first visit to Cuba, her immersion into Cuban culture, and some of the places around Cuba she got to know.
  • MUSICIANS IN CUBA - by Clarita Derwent - Clarita writes about a Trova Festival in Santiago de Cuba.
  • MY FIRST TIME IN CUBA - by Anita Dantas - Anita helps us our social media management. She describes her impressions, as an Afro-Brazilian, of visiting Cuba for the first time.


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