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Operating a business in Cuba is challenging due to the extensive sanctions imposed by the US, which greatly impact banking and financial transactions. Despite this, we have established secure payment structures that allow us to receive payments in various currencies and methods.
In order to ensure your transactions are processed without delay, there are two things you can do 1) Refrain from Mention of Cuba and 2) Identify your payment with your Reservation Code. 

Why is it Important Not to Mention Cuba?

Travelling to Cuba is legal for all nationalities, but due to the US embargo, all banks are sensitive to any transaction involving Cuba. If you mention Cuba, Havana, etc. in any financial transaction, the banks may freeze your transaction which can take months to resolve and will severely delay your reservation process.

What is the Reservation Code?

The reservation code can be found in your booking confirmation email, for example CC230212JONES. You will need to include it in your transaction so we can match your payment to your booking. If for some reason you are unable to use your reservation code, just use your first and last name(s). 

We accept payment in USD, AUD, and EUR. Click on one of the options below for payment instructions. 

Payment Options for Australian, European, and all Non-US Travellers
Payment Options for US Travellers

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