Last updated 20 May 2016

Cuban Adventures welcomes Americans on our tours in Cuba. With the recent changes in US policy on March 16 2016, traveling to Cuba is easier than ever!

Cuban Adventures offers two options for US Citizens and Residents to Travel Legally to Cuba.

  • U.S. Citizens can travel on any of our regular Cuban Adventures Tours listed here on our Cuban Adventures website if you are travelling under your own general license.
    Visit our CUBAN ADVENTURES USA website for all the information you need about how to obtain a general license.
  • We also offer people-to-people tours for a fun and easy way to travel to Cuba legally and hassle-free! Visit our Cuban Adventures USA website for more information.

Here are the tours we offer that adhere to the people-to-people requirements of having a full scheduled itinerary while still providing you with the same small-group, authentic, and fun Cuba experience. Go ahead and get that stamp in your passport and bring back Cuban cigars, worry free!

  • 15 Day "Canchánchara to Cucuruchu" People-to-People Tour - see dates
  • 9 Day "This Cuban Life" People-to-People Tour - see dates

Other information for US travelers

Speak to our specialist: Sarah (Cuban Adventures USA - Manager) ... +1-213-375-4782 or via Email