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Search within Cuban Adventures
Our Tours of Cuba
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Custom and Private Tours of Cuba

15 day Original 8 day Original Cuba tour Licenced Cuba Tours 9 Day Licenced Cuba Tour 15 Day Licenced Cuba Tour 6 day Western Cuba tour New Years Eve Cuba Tour 20 day Complete Cuba tour Custom and Private Tours of Cuba

  • Notes - Itineraries for the tours in Cuba can and do change during the course of the year due to a variety of reasons. We are not always able to advise you in advance of these changes. We ask for your understanding and flexibility in these cases.

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Our Tours of Cuba

Our Original Cuba Tours

Which tour is for me? If you are interested in immersing yourself in the 'real' Cuba, and are willing to share your experience with a small group of other like-minded travellers, then we recommend one of our Original tour itineraries.

Our original tours of Cuba don't include many activities. Instead, at each destination in Cuba, you can choose from optional activities that the tour guide will arrange for you. In effect these original tour itineraries can cater to a wide range of people with diverse interests.

We welcome independence, so while on one of our tours you are also more than welcome to go off on your own at each destination in Cuba and find your own adventures.

We highly recommend our 15 day Original tour, or the 20 day Complete Cuba Tour if you have the time.
If you only have 1 week then we've packed as many cultural highlights as possible into the
8 day Original Cuba tour. This is our most popular tour in Cuba.

The Complete Cuba tour is a combination of the 15 day Original and the 6 day Western Cuba tour.

People-to-People Legal Tours for U.S. citizens

Americans are welcome to join any of our tours in Cuba. If you want to do it all above board and are looking for a fully legal way to travel to Cuba, we also offer fully licensed people-to-people tours. These represent a fun and easy way to travel to Cuba that is legal and hassle-free! Please visit our Cuban Adventures USA website for more information.

Something more relaxing

The 6 day Western Cuba tour is a more relaxing alternative to our Original style of tours Cuba. There is still plenty of oppotunity to interact with the local Cubans, but the pace of travel of the tour is a little slower, and the travel days shorter. This tour also forms the last segment in the 20 Day Complete Cuba Tour, and is a perfect way to wind down your time in Cuba providing you with time to relax and reflect upon your experiences in Cuba with some stunning scenery along the way.

Keen on the outdoors?

Trekking in the Sierra Maestra on our Eastern Cuba Tour

If you like exploring natural areas, and are interested in visiting some of the lesser visited parts of Cuba, you would be well suited to our Eastern Cuba tour. This tour includes a 2 day trek in Cuba's highest mountain range - the Sierra Maestra - and there are lots of other outdoor activities as options along the way. At the moment we are only offering this tour for private groups.

Short on time?

If you are short on time and can only spend a few days in Cuba, we offer a Havana Short Stay program, which will allow you to explore Havana with one of our guides.

Tour Extentions

You can add a tour extension, either to the start, or the end of your tour. You can also add extra days in Havana before or after the tour. We recommend these at the end of your tour. This will be better than doing so before the tour, because during the tour you will have learnt how things work in Cuba and you'll have a better idea about what you want to see and how to go about it.