Why a small group?

  • Individual attention
  • Low impact
  • Flexible
  • Adventurous

Small Groups

The groups on our tours in Cuba have a maximum of 16 travellers plus the tour guide.

With an average tour group size of 5 to 8, the groups are small and low impact, and are made up of like-minded English speaking travellers from all over the world, ready for some fun, adventure and to explore this fascinating island.

The small size means that tour group members will receive more personal treatment by the tour guide who can more thoroughly cater to each member's personal preferences and interests, helping to arrange activities and excursions better suited to the individual taste.

Small tour groups are also more mobile and can be easily integrated into a social scene in Cuba where the traveller is more likely to be treated as an individual rather than a tourist.

 A group of travelers visiting the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana

Small tour groups are more flexible as travel plans can be more easily changed or altered en route.

If the group discovers a special event or festival in Cuba that they would like to attend, and this is not covered by the original tour itinerary, it is possible to change the itinerary.

As a small group it is easier for the group to come to an agreement and for the tour guide to alter the reservations.

Small groups are low impact in Cuba because they don't introduce a large number of foreigners to a local scene where they can have adverse impacts on the local society and other travellers.

For example a large tour group can take up all the seats on a local bus, or book out an entire restaurant forcing locals and other travellers away from their preferences.

Large groups are less able to integrate into a society and generally have less authentic contact with the locals. 

A Cuban Adventures tour group poses with the Cuba sign in Santiago de Cuba
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