How to Fill Out Cuba’s D’Viajeros Immigration Forms

Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting the Cuba QR Code 


During the pandemic, the Cuban government switched from paper customs, immigration, and health declaration forms to the electronic forms which travellers must fill out prior to arrival on the D’Viajeros website. Airlines require you to show this code before you are allowed to board your flight to Cuba. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you fill out the D’Viajeros travel forms and obtain the QR code that you need to enter Cuba.

Step 1: Accessing the D’Viajeros form

Cuba’s customs and immigration forms are on the D’Viajeros website. You will be able to fill in the form around 48-72 hours before arrival, you can’t fill it out any sooner. Conversely, you should not wait until the last minute to fill out your form in case the website doesn’t work or you have trouble connecting. If it doesn’t work, that gives you time to try again. While Cuba will allow you to fill out the paper forms upon arrival, airline desk agents expect to see the QR code during the check-in process.

To fill out the form you will need:

  •   Passport information
  •   Arrival and departure flight number
  •   Address of accommodations
D’viajeros website with language option highlighted
You can change the language on the D’Viajeros website

Step 2: Change the language

The page usually loads in Spanish; you can change the language to English and six other options by selecting the translation symbol at the top. The translation option could also be represented as a flag or text. Sometimes there is a delay, if you don’t see any language option, allow the page to load completely.

Step 3: Fill in Personal Data

To start the form, click the “form request” button. The first section is “Personal Data”; only the fields highlighted are mandatory to fill out. Ensure you use the proper date format: day/month/year. For United States, enter USA.
Although the email category is not marked mandatory, you must fill this out to get the QR code emailed to you.

Step 4: Fill in Migratory Information

Only three days are available on the calendar for the arrival date because you aren’t permitted to fill out the form further in advance.
For “port of entry”, you will select your arrival airport in Cuba – for Cuban Adventures travellers, it is usually Jose Marti Airport. Your “country of origin” is the country where you are departing from, not where you live. So if you live in Australia but fly to Cuba via Mexico, you will enter Mexico.

D’Viajeros Migratory Information page
You can leave blank sections not marked with an asterisk

Step 5: Select Reason for Travel

Are you coming to Cuba on vacation? If so, you must select “tourism”, even if you are a US citizen. It doesn’t matter that the US government considers tourism to Cuba illegal, this is the Cuban government’s form. When it comes to the Cuban Government, you want to be a tourist.

Leave “Institution” blank.

Travel reasons section of D’Viajeros form
Most travellers select tourism in this section

Step 6: Sanitary Information

This section is your health declaration. As you see, it is mostly optional, except for questions about where you are staying in Cuba. However, it is good to fill in everything except the PCR information. No vaccines or testing are required to enter Cuba, although you may be subject to a temperature check and random Covid testing upon arrival.  

If you are staying in a casa particular, also known as a bed & breakfast, or guesthouse, you will select “House or Room for Rent”.

The most common municipalities in Havana where tourists stay are Habana Vieja (Old Havana), Centro Habana, and Plaza de la Revolucion (Vedado).

Health declaration section of D’Viajeros form
Most fields in the health declaration are optional

Step 7: Customs Declaration

Most travellers only need to select the following on this section of the form:

Unaccompanied baggage – No

Number of Minors

Do You Have Something to Declare at Customs – No

If you travel with children or other family members, each person needs their own form. However, the form asks you for the passport number of children under 10 who are accompanying you.

Most visitors to Cuba will not need to declare anything. Even if you bring food, medicine, or other goods as donations or “gifts”, you are not required to declare them.

You do not need to declare your cash as long as it does not exceed the value of US$5000.

Leave the MINCOM authorisation number blank.

Customs information on the D’Viajeros form
It is unlikely you will have anything to declare

If you need information about what you can bring into Cuba, there is a Traveler Manual in English and Spanish on the D’Viajeros home page. 

Traveler manual section of D’Viajeros site
The traveler manual has information about Cuba’s customs and immigration requirements.

Step 8: Save or Print the QR Code

After completing the above steps, you will sign the declaration and submit the form, giving you access to your QR code. While this code is supposed to be emailed to you, you should screenshot, print, or download the code in case you never get the email. You will need to be able to access it even without an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the D’Viajeros website doesn’t work?

If you are having trouble filling out the D’Viajeros form, make sure you are entering the information correctly, e.g., date in the proper format, and not trying to access the form too early. If the form isn’t working, you will need to keep trying, which is why it’s important to fill out the form at the first opportunity. If the system is down, you can fill out paper forms in Cuba. Although there is a contact on the website, you may not receive a response if you reach out for tech support.

Do Cuban Citizens need to fill out the form?


Does My Child Need Their Own Form?

Yes, each person in your party needs their own form.

Will I get in Trouble for Selecting Tourism as my Reason for Visit?

No, this is Cuba’s form, not the US’ form. Cuba does not enforce the embargo against it. In Cuba, if you are visiting for a reason other than tourism, you may have to have a special visa.

What Happens if I Make a Mistake or Need to Change the Form?

You should receive an email with a QR code and a form code that you can use to access your form on the website. You can choose the option “Edit Form” on the homepage.

What if I Don’t Know What to Put in Some of The Fields?

These step-by-step instructions cover every mandatory field on the form. If there is a field that you don’t know how to fill out, check and see if it’s mandatory or if you can just leave it blank.

My Arrival Date Isn’t on the Calendar!

You are trying to fill out the form too soon. You need to wait until 2-3 days before your arrival.


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Robert Jones
March 22, 2024
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