Optional activities on the Tour

Trek to the waterfall in Trinidad

On our tours of Cuba, many optional activities are on offer. These can be arranged (and paid for) in Cuba, at local prices. Our guides are always on the lookout for new cool things to do in Cuba and will help arrange these activities for you. There is no need to book ahead, and you can decide at the last minute while on the tour, which activities you will like to do.

Unlike many group tours in Cuba, the guide is prohibited from taking any form of commission from arranging these activities for you. In this way, the guide's advice is not compromised and she/he will recommend and help you choose activities that you will get most enjoyment from, rather than recommending activities that will earn the guide extra money on the side.

Some of the things to do on our tours in Cuba are listed below.

All prices below are per person, and shown as a value in USD, however the acceptable form of payment may not include USD cash.Prices are subject to change, and can fluctuate in relation to group number participating, and high/low season.


Callejón de Hammel
  • Tourist Bus day pass $10
  • Tourist Bus to the beach (return) $5
  • Tropicana show $70-$100
  • Parisien cabaret show $35
  • Buena Vista Social Club show $30 ($50 with dinner)
  • Museum entrances $2-$8 each
  • Cigar Factory Tour $12
  • Baseball game attendance $3
  • Theatre, music, or ballet performance $5-$25
  • La Cabaña Fortress canon blast ceremony $10
  • Hershey train ride $3
  • Specialised Day Tours
    • Hemmingway's History Tour
    • Pre-revolution Tour (Mafia en La Habana)
    • Photographic Tour
    • Art Deco Tour
    • Walking Tour of Old Havana (incl. lunch)
    • Classic Car Tour (incl. cocktail in Hotel Nacional)
    • Afro-Cuban Religion Tour
    • Cigar Trail Tour
    • Rum Legend Tour
    • Havana by Night
    • Comida Cubana (learn to cook Cuban cuisine)
    • Baseball Cuba(seasonal tour)

Specialised Day Tours on request!
These need to be pre-arranged before you arrive in Cuba. See our Havana Day Tours site for bookings


Trinidad Playa Ancon
  • Bicycle rental $10 full day
  • Bus to the beach $2 per person (taxi $8)
  • Horseback riding $25
  • Moped rental $24
  • Trek to Waterfall $18 to $55
  • Snorkelling trip $15
  • Diving $60 (2-tank dive)
  • Cayo Blanco day trip on catamaran $45
  • Steam Train ride through the Sugar Mill Valley $10
  • Live music venues up to $3
  • Salsa dance lesson (group) $5 per person
  • Salsa dance lesson (individual) $10
  • Musical instrument lesson $10
  • Massage $25


  • Botanical Gardens $4
  • Palacio del Valle $2
  • Cabaret Guarnaroca $5
  • Excursion to El Nicho Waterfall $25


Horse-riding in Vinales
  • Bicycle rental $10 full day
  • Beach excursion $20 to $35
  • Horseback riding $5/hr
  • Vinales valley trek $10
  • Indian Cave $5
  • Rock climbing - (currently not available)
  • Santo Tomas caving excursion $12[+ $25 transport (per taxi)]
  • Day bus pass $5
  • Relaxing by the pool Free
  • Live music venues up to $2
  • Salsa dance lesson (individual) $10
  • Cooking class $35


  • Bicicyle taxi city tour $7
  • Nightclubs $3
  • Private art gallery free


Santiago de Cuba Street Party
  • Museum entrance(s) $3-$5
  • La Gran Piedra Mountain $1 (entry)
  • El Morro Castle $4 (entry)
  • Dance lesson $10
  • Music instrument lesson $10
  • Entry to music houses up to $5
  • Return transport to Virgen del Cobre - $40/taxi, $55/minivan
  • Return transport to El Morro - $15/taxi, $30/minivan
  • Return transport to Playa Siboney - $25/taxi, $45/minivan
  • Return transport to La Gran Piedra - $70/taxi, $80/minivan
  • Return transport to Parque Baconao - $35/taxi, $50/minivan
  • Specialised Day Tours (including a specialist guide, entry fees, transport)
  • Sierra Maestra treks


Children at Manglito beach, near Baracoa
  • Yumuri river tour $20
  • Yunque mountain hike $24
  • Yunque waterfall hike $18
  • Humbolt Park hike $25
  • Hike to Caves $10
  • Duaba Finca tour $15
  • Duaba River tour $8
  • Maguana Beach $35-$40 (price per taxi)
  • Archaeological museum $3

Santo domingo

Walk along the river and birdwatching $5

Holguin (transport not included)

  • Horse riding in Guardalavaca $12 (3 hours)
  • Diving $35 to $50 per dive
  • Cayo Naranjo Aquarium $10
  • Steam Train Ride $15

Note - some excursions on the tours are only available at certain times of the year in Cuba, and may not be available due unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions. Prices can vary with factors such as season, and group number participating.

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