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Card Payments *Preferred Method*

Card Payment in EUR

Paying with a US credit or debit card is fast, secure, and easy, no mention of Cuba will be on your statement. 

We do not charge fees but your bank may, be sure you are aware of these fees before making the transaction as we are not responsible for any fees charged by your bank.

Cards we accept are Visa, Mastercard and Discover. The transaction is processed by TropiPay, either TropiPay or Titanes will appear on your statement. 

Instructions: To make a card payment, you will enter your reservation code and then select “USD” from the currency drop down. It will autofill the amount due in USD. Pay this amount or delete it and enter the amount that you want to pay. If you decide to pay in a different currency (e.g. AUD or EUR), change the currency and it should recalculate the amount due. Contact us if you need help converting. 

Make USD Card Payment

Quick Tip

Important Notes for Payment:

1. Please mark the deposit with your reservation code so that we may identify the funds.
2. To facilitate the banking process please avoid any reference to the word "CUBA" in your transfer. 
3. Please notify your reservation agent (CC: if you are making check payment so we can look for the payment. 
4. PLEASE NOTE: The customer is responsible for paying bank fees related to these methods and they should NOT be deducted from the amount payable. Please see the Terms and conditions


Please email for questions about your tour payment.

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