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Cuban Cigar Factories Employ People to Read to Cigar Rollers
4 facts about Cuban cigars

Cuban cigars are renowned for their exceptional quality and superior flavor and are widely considered to be the best cigars in the world. However, there are a few interesting facts you may not know about these exquisite smokes.

The Cuban Tody, or Cartacuba (Todus multicolor)
Birds of Cuba

The 6 most interesting, beautiful and truely endemic species of Cuban birds described for the layman. Some of these can be seen without much birdwatching effort in the natural areas and forests of Cuba, including the world’s smallest hummingbird!

Yummet's mum B&W
How the Cuban Revolution Affected my Family

Cuba tour guide Yummet describes what effect Cuba’s socialist revolution has had on her family. She tells the story through the perspective of 3 generations of black women living through Cuban history from 1940 onwards.

Havana Jazz Festival
Havana Jazz Festival

The Havana International Jazz Festival 2020 starting on Jan 15, promises to be an outstanding music event in Cuba featuring renowned international jazz musicians. Apart from the opportunity to catch some great music, attending this event gives you the chance to experience the fascinating city of Havana.

The only Pontiac Bonneville '62 still running in Cuba.
The Pink Cars of Havana

Why are so many of Havana's classic American 1950's cars pink? The fascinating story behind Cuba's pink cars goes way back to the 1950's and involves rock stars and even sexual innuendo. Pink is more than just a color it seems. We explain why.

Vegetarian Flag
5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Havana

Yes, you CAN eat vegetarian in pork country! You won’t waste away to nothing, and if you know where to go, you might actually find your new favorite meal. 

Cuban Ethnic Restaurants
Foreign Cuisine Restaurants in Havana

Economic reforms in Cuba in 2011 lead to a wave of new private restaurants opening in Havana and across the island. With this came an expansion of options and thankfully, some of these options are foods ethnic to Cuba.

Cuban Money
A Cuban Currency Guide for Amercans

The number one topic of uncertainty for travelers to Cuba is the currency situation. Over and over again, from our clients, in the travel groups, on the streets in Cuba I hear people asking the same questions.

Turquino View
The Trek to Cuba's highest peak

Cuban Adventures founder, John Ahrens, did the gruelling hike to the top of Cuba’s highest mountain. His trip notes reveal that the real treasure is the beauty of the journey to get there.

Gibara View
Gibara - Cuba's best kept secret

The quiet coastal town of Gibara doesn’t find it’s way onto many Cuba tour itineraries. But being off the main tourist trail is only one of the reasons to visit this charming enclave that has much to offer, including humble and welcoming residents and some lovely coastal scenery.

Boxing kids
Visit a Boxing Gym in Cuba

This boxing gym tucked away in a back street of Old Havana, is a place you can visit to get a glimpse of young locals training in this sport that Cuba is world famous for.

Gabi Azul
3 Trailblazing Cuban Street Artists

Meet these Cuban artists who have clandestinely taken their art to the streets of Havana. If you have been to Cuba recently you’ve probably seen their graffiti on walls and buildings around Havana.