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Cuban Adventures - Cuba Tours and Havana Adventures - Day Tours are a product of Big Planet Adventures Pty Ltd - Australian Business Number: 15154669360.

We specialise exclusively in providing travel services in Cuba with a focus on operating our small group tours in Cuba. We don't have a large network of tours worldwide and instead dedicate ourselves solely on travel within Cuba which, simply put, makes us good at it!

Our Story

In 2005, Big Planet Adventures set out with the objective of helping grass-roots tourism initiatives throughout Latin America reach world-wide audiences with personalized service, and sought to facilitate the kind of cultural exchange that is beneficial both to the traveller and the locals. We began by running our own tours in our favourite destination of Cuba and because of their immediate popularity and success, we found ourselves dedicating our operations solely on running good value, culturally focussed tours in Cuba. All of our tours in Cuba are now run by a team of professionally trained local Cuban guides.

Our Emphasis

With our emphasis on environmentally and socially responsible travel we work hard to make your tour in Cuba more than just a "vacation". Along the way, we provide the safety, security, knowledge, and leadership so that you can enjoy the riches Cuba has to offer. Most of all, we promise that every step of the way, we do everything to make your adventure authentic and life-changing.

At Big Planet Adventures, we operate under specific guidelines created to ensure that our trips promote a positive impact on local environment, culture, and economy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Customers Recommend Us - Nowdays there is a proliferation of places where customers can leave a review about a tourism business. Here is a list of places where travellers have left reviews about our tours in Cuba.
  • Expertise - We don't operate a large network of tours worldwide and instead focus solely on travel within Cuba which, simply put, makes us good at it! Because Cuba is a unique country and a place where business tends to be done quite differently, we are contracted by a number of large worldwide tour companies to operate their tours for them in Cuba.
  • Personalised Service - We are a small organisation with less than 30 employees so we have a more personalised and intimate relationship with our travellers. This small size also makes us quicker to adapt to changes that are happening on the ground in Cuba.
  • Small Groups - The maximum capacity of our small group tours in Cuba is 16 travellers, with most tours being limited to only 12 travellers. A typical group size might be from 8 to 10 travellers, depending on the itinerary chosen. Small group sizes facilitate a low social and environmental impact on the areas visited and also make it easier for us to help you have a more authentic experience of the local culture. Our small groups travel to areas less visited, enlightening our passengers with a unique, local and more authentic experience. Small group tours of a maximum 16 passengers, enables the guide to adhere more closely to the needs of each individual.
  • Local Guides - Cuban Adventures employs only fully qualified local Cuban guides, who before they are able to work with us, are given specific training by us about our grass-roots, interactive, style of travel. All of our guides are at least bilingual, speaking as a minimum Spanish and English. All of our guides receive specific Responsible Tourism training and operate in accordance with the Leave No Trace philosophy, respecting the land and its people.
  • Accommodations - We use guesthouse accommodation wherever we can on the tour. It is by far the best accommodation in Cuba when it comes to providing an authentic interactive experience, we carefully inspect all potential hotels and guesthouses in our tour locations. We have selected our accommodations for cleanliness, comfort, convenient location, safety, local atmosphere, and customer service.
  • Sustainable Tourism Practices - In efforts to promote sustainable tourism, we design each of our itineraries to support local individuals and locally owned businesses. We are also a qualified member of the Responsible Travel organisation.
  • Home Office Practices - In our daily work practices, we support the ongoing efforts of the recycling industry and only use paper products that average a thirty percent post-consumer recycled content, and print on both sides where possible. We encourage use of alternative transportation, so cycling to the office is the preferred mode.
  • Contribution to Charity - Click here to see the list of organisations we actively support.
  • We Are a Prize Winner - 2016 Tour of the Year prize for 2016 from tourradar Cuban Adventures was awarded the Tour of the Year for Latin America for 2016 by the online agency and review site tourradar, for our 8 day Original Cuba Tour. Tourradar collects and publishes independent and unbiased reviews for multi-night tours worldwide and we were awarded this prize based on the feedback from tourradar clients who travelled on our 8 day tour during 2016.