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Last Updated February 2022

Cuban Adventures welcomes Americans on our tours in Cuba.

We offer two options for US Citizens and Residents to Travel Legally to Cuba in 2022.

  • American citizens can travel on any of our regular Cuba tour packages if they stick to certain activities and do the paperwork to be able to travel under one of the authorized Cuba general license travel categories. You can learn how to make your trip to Cuba legal here.
  • Cuban Adventures USA offers "SCP" tours, which are tours that are specifically designed to meet the license requirements for the Support for Cuban People Cuba (SCP) category. These are the best way for US travelers to have a fun and easy trip to Cuba, legal and hassle-free! Visit our Cuban Adventures USA website for more information.

Below are the Cuba tour packages we are offering for 2022 that help you adhere to the US restrictions for travel to Cuba. Expect the same small-group, authentic, and fun Cuba travel experience as our regular Cuba tours, without having to plan your own days or pay out of pocket for most local expenses.

  • 15 Day Support for the Cuban People Tour - "Canchánchara to Cucuruchu"
  • 9 Day Support for the Cuban People Tour - "This Cuban Life"
  • 11 Day Support for the Cuban People Tour - "Holiday Rumba" Christmas and New Years Eve tour
  • 5 Day Support for the Cuban People Tour - "Havana Weekend + Viñales"
  • 4 Day Support for the Cuban People Tour - "Havana Weekend"

Other information for American travelers

There are direct flights from US to Cuba, or you can fly via a third country. Legally, the same rules apply If coming from the USA or any other country. You can read more about flights here.

Other ports of entry include: Cancun, Mexico City, Jamaica, all major airports in Canada, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Panama.

Tourist Card

Tourists from most nationalities need visas to travel to Cuba. This visa is called a Tarjeta del Turista ('Tourist Card'). This card is not attached to your passport in any way, you should not worry about getting your passport stamped in Cuba.

When flying directly from the US you will purchase the card from the airline for $50-100 USD. With airlines such as Mexicana, Copa, Cubana, Lasca, Air Canada and some others, the tourist card can usually be obtained upon check-in at the airport for approximately $20 USD. Otherwise the tourist card may be included in the price of your ticket - contact your airline about this. Usually the tourist card is provided to you blank and you simply need to fill in the details. You can read more visa information for US travelers here.

There is a Cuban Consulate for Visas in Barbados for passengers entering Cuba via this port.

To join one of our tours, you are required to be covered by Travel Medical Insurance while in Cuba. If you are flying directly from the US to Havana, your insurance is included with your flight (save the boarding pass for proof), if not we can arrange this for you. Click here to see details.

You'll need to plan carefully how you will fund your purchases during your time in Cuba, as a Debit/Credit Card from a US bank will not work! As of June 2021, U.S. dollars are no longer accepted for official exchange in Cuba,we recommend you bring EUR. Read more about money in Cuba and our blog article with tips and examples.

We accept payments to our bank account in Australia which carries the name of our parent company - Big Planet Adventures. (This will not mention 'Cuban Adventures')

PLEASE NOTE: You can pay us with complete assurance that NO reference to Cuba will be included in any way on your credit card or bank statements.


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