Flights to Cuba

International airfare is not included in the price of our tours in Cuba

Travellers arrive from all over the world to go on our tours in Cuba, and as such it is not practical to include international airfare in our prices.

Here are some ways you can book flights to Cuba:

  • From one of our affiliated Booking Agents (find a list of them on our booking form). We recommend Alan ( who has experience booking Cuba flights.
  • From your preferred travel agent
  • Directly with the airline online - see below
  • A search engine such as

Searching Tips: Most flight search engines don't work for flights to Cuba. is one exception.

Flying from the United States?

Regardless if you are an American citizen or not, if you fly directly to Cuba from the U.S. you will need to do the paperwork to comply with legal travel to Cuba under US regulations. Read more here.

All direct flights from the U.S. to Cuba include mandatory medical insurance - you should not purchase insurance from us if you are flying directly from the US.

For more information please inquire with our US office.

Airlines with Flights to Cuba

What we provide here is for informational purposes only, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. You should always contact the airline or charter companies directly for all questions and concerns regarding flights to Cuba.

USA to Cuba

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines, United

Panama to Cuba 

Copa Airlines

Canada to Cuba 

Air Canada (from Toronto)

Europe to Cuba 

Air Europa, Iberia, Swiss Air, Iberojet, World2Fly, Air France.

Colombia to Cuba 

Cubana (from Bogota), Wingo (from Medellin or Bogota)

Nassau to Cuba 


Mexico to Cuba 

Viva Aerobus (from Mexico City or Cancun)

Jamaica to Cuba 

interCaribbean Airways (between Kingston and Santiago de Cuba)

Dominican Republic to Cuba

Air Century and Sky High (Santiago de Cuba from Santo Domingo)

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