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December 2011
Khiloni, United Kingdom Complete Cuba Tour

Valeri was one of the best guides I've ever had! He took really good care of the group and ensured we were always safe and comfortable. He was entertaining and a great source of knowledge on all things Cuban. He took great care of anyone who fell ill on the trip, and was kind to point out what/where was safe to eat (ensuring I was always catered for as a vegetarian). He was responsible, tolerant, really good fun and really contributed to the trip being one of the most memorable ones I've been on. Thanks Valeri!
For the second leg of the trip, Roger was my guide. Roger was equally good, attentive, extremely knowledgeable, with a great sense of humour. He ensured we were happy with all our accommodation/excursions and gave us plenty of options on things to to. Thanks Roger!
All the accommodation was comfortable and largely clean. The accommodation in Vinales was excellent, as was my host there, Mirta. I enjoyed staying in homestays and thought it enhanced my Cuban experience. All breakfasts were good, with plenty on offer. We went to a great variety of restaurants, and indulged in some street food occasionally. As a vegetarian, prior to the tour commencing, I was slightly worried, but found myself always having more on my plate than I could finish. Totally happy!
The transport was excellent, the bus was always meticulously clean and well cared for, and the driver was careful and friendly. Thanks Alberto!
All excursions in Trinidad and Baracoa were excellent! The city tour in Camaguey was a bit long and focused too much on visiting two art galleries. I had a great night out in Cienfuegos, but found there was not much to do there/much time to do anything there.
Valeri showed a very responsible and environmentally friendly approach to travel during the tour, including showing us how/when to donate goods we'd brought with us. It would be great if bottles of water were kept on the bus available for purchase to us, so that we didn't have to make lots of water stops, especially as queueing in some shops took ages.
Best tour to date, thanks so much!

July 2011
Sisilia, Samoa Complete Cuba Tour

I fell head over heels in love with Cuba. The whole country moves to a sultry salsa beat. From historic Barracoa and charming Camaguay, to the gritty gorgeousness of Santiago to touristy and terrific Trinidad and beyond, the Cuban group tour allows you a glimpse into the complexities of Cuba and it is a truly beautiful and once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Our tour guide, Natalia, was so alive, accommodating and charming, she extended warm hospitality so characteristic in Cuba and she gave us unique insights into the country she loves. You can't experience Cuba by visiting Havana alone. And having traveled all over the world I can truly say that Cuba is a country that should be fully experienced. Take the tour! You'll never regret it!.

June 2011
Brigitte, Switzerland Complete Cuba Tour

The last stop of my 3 months Caribbean trip was Cuba and to be honest as i was leaving St. Martin to fly to Cuba i was very much wondering how the things would be turning out.

Unforgetable! - that i think describes it the best what i take with me from Cuba! Cuba compared with other countries i have seen has of course a special charm and the clocks running in a different way.

Natalia our tour leader has taken out the very best of Cuba for us and made our trip so impressive. She has so much background knowledge and she knows very well how Cuba rules and so she had a solution for every situation ;-) Thanks Natalia for your great engagement and for all that little and big things you did over the average that we even didnt recognise. You did a super job!

June 2010
Timothy, Australia Complete Cuba Tour

A very interesting journey encompassing all the wonder that Cuba has to offer! Our tour guide Natalia was a highlight, effortlessly exposing the diverse group to a range of great experiences unique to Cuba. She was excellent in ensuring that the presented tour was effortlessly run and the group had a chance to enjoy the activities with no concerns. She went above and beyond, exposing those passengers who wanted to experience the nightlife in Cuba - which was a large part of the Cuban culture. I loved the casas allowing direct interaction with the real Cuban families and houses. An unforgettable adventure, thanks!!

December 2009
Natalie, Australia Complete Cuba Tour

I have been to Cuba two times with Cuban Adventures, and I still feel like it is not enough. My first trip in 2008, I had Jorge, and he was an incredible tour guide and left me wanting to see more of Cuba. I came back again in 2010, and had Natalia, who was not only an extremely knowledgeable and passionate guide, but she became a great friend. My experiences have enabled me to see the whole country, interact with locals and get the REAL Cuban experience. Don't worry Cuba, I will be back............