Rolling Stones Havana Concert

25 March, 2016


"(...) I will use this opportunity when still excitement is inside me. I wanted to share with you this amazing and haunting experience I (and all Cubans) just had with the Rolling Stones gig!!
Actually I have no words to describe the thrill. Thank you Rolling Stones. God bless you for bringing so much to us here in Cuba! Music is the language that definitely breaks all sort of boundaries and brings people together in peace and affection. Music is creation and love!
There were maaaaany people longing for this in Cuba for more than 4 decades already and finally it happened. I think it’s another hint to show us and the world, the wind of changes in Cuba are here for real this time. A lot of tears of nostalgia felt that very moment when the first Keith Richard’s chords came out in the air. The sound and image quality were out of this world. Everybody was freaked out!! Enjoy the pictures and please feel free to upload them if you want to wherever you want, since I cannot do it for here.
Apologies as the quality is not the best. The girl you see by my side is my 15 years old daughter Elizabeth that joined and also had a blast as I had. I also have some awesome footage I took, but unfortunately due to the super slow internet speed for Cuba, it’s not possible for me to also share it with you. Hopefully someday I will ;-)
For the ones I’m regularly in touch I send you all my heart and big hugs and for the ones I’m not , please know that you are all with me always, at all times, so I send then double, all my heart and big hugs. On God’s will we’ll be together soon (...)" 
- All the best Ossie (Osvaldo)

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