Escape the Grind in Topes de Collantes

By: Omar Sanchez

I used to work in Topes de Collantes for more than five years, some of the best days of my life and now I want to tell you a secret about this place: it has the magic to revitalize you.


Omar holds a handful of leaves in a natural setting

My past life as a guide in Topes de Collantes

Topes de Collantes is a nature reserve area in the Guamuhaya Mountains. It's part of the Escambray Mountain range and only nineteen kilometers from Trinidad. With that short journey you will come to a place that can cleanse your mind of the office, the paper work, the cell phone or that killing-me-softly daily routine. Leave the sweltering heat and toxic fumes of the city for fresh pure air, once you get here four hundred meters above sea level you will feel that this is the perfect temperature for you, the best place to spend a day, or two or three depending on your needs.

Topes de Collantes nature preserve

So close to Trinidad, but a world apart

What will you see there? Small parks inside a big area, hiking, bird-watching, camping, medicinal plants, waterfalls and natural pools, Uh! What else would you need?

Omar investigates a plant in a sea of green leaves

There are many options to enjoy nature in Topes

How about a cup of coffee? This is a coffee growing area, everything here is related to coffee, there are coffee gardens, plantations and a coffee museum. A cup of mountain coffee goes well with this relaxing moment.

a cup of coffee served on a saucer with a cookie

Sip a delicious mountain coffee grown in Topes

After relaxing you will feel invigorated to take the “Rambo Tour” in Guanayara Park. Hop in an army truck up the mountain for a hike that will have you swimming across a river, climbing, and hopping across pools.

adventurers slide down a natural water slide

The Rambo trail will satisfy your craving for adventure


Trek through a small village, coffee plantations, and past shimmering ponds to reach the best part, when suddenly you feel the cold spray of the 32 meters high waterfall called “El Rocío” (The Dew), impressive for everyone. You will also enjoy the crystal clear waters of the "deer" pool where you can refresh yourself for the return trip.

swimmers enjoy waterfalls and a natural pool

The reward for hiking in Topes is cooling off in the pools

Let yourself be caught by the nature of Topes the Collantes, you are on vacation, let it be. Receive the positive energy nature is offering you as you walk from one park to another, discovering new things, enjoy the silence of a night full of stars, the cool forest breeze on the back of your neck, and the cooling mist of a waterfall.

About the Author

Omar Perez has a background as an English professor, nature guide, and many years of experience as a tour guide. He is known for his extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, and his excellent moves on the dance floor.

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