Sketching Cuba Tour Lessons Package

US$ 2520
Tour Dates: April 15 to 25, 2019
Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Group Size: Minimum 6 / Maximum 8
Accommodation: 10 nights Guesthouses. Twin share.
Single Supplement: Single Room for the tour - US$280 extra
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Transport: Private minibus, microbus, or taxi depending on group size.
Activities included: Daily sketch tutorials with Erin Hill, Walking tour of Old Havana and visit to Community Art Projects, Half day cultural scenic walk in Las Terrazas, Meeting local artists in their galleries in Las Terrazas, Tobacco farm tour in Vinales, Organic farm visit in Vinales, Visit to Graphic arts workshop in Cienfuegos, Salsa lesson and farm visit in Trinidad, Orientation walk of Trinidad Colonial Hub, Waterfall walk in Trinidad, Visit of Che Guevara Mauseleum & Museum
Other Inclusions: All breakfasts, 1 lunch, 5 dinners, airport arrival transfer and departure transfer, local Cuban tour guide throughout.
Suggested combinations: Combine with a Havana Short Stay package, or a Beach Stay package!

Cuba Sketching Tour Itinerary Summary

Havana Sketch by Erin Hill
  • April 15 - Arrival Day Havana
  • April 16 - Havana
  • April 17,18 - Viñales
  • April 19,20 - Cienfuegos
  • April 21,22,23 - Trinidad
  • April 24 - Havana via Santa Clara
  • April 25 - Departure Day

Cuba Sketching Tour Description

A tour that combines doing art, and touring around to see the sites and scenery of Cuba. The typical day on the tour involves a homestay breakfast, a morning of sketching, lunch, some time out or a siesta, and then some guided exploring, be it of a city or country area in Cuba.

The host, Erin Hill, is an experienced traveler and sketch tutor. She welcomes people to join this tour of all levels of artistic proficiency. For those with little or no experience in sketching, Erin can help with technique and simple progressive steps to sketching. For those who already sketch, Erin will find new ways for you to record your impressions into your sketch journal. Cuba is an ideal destination for you to kickstart a new lease to your artistic life, be it one that could use some inspirational subject matter, or one that is yet to be born.

Cuba Sketching Tour Itinerary Details
April 15 - Arrive Havana

The Cathedral Square in Old Havana, Cuba Today is set aside for participants to join the tour. We include an airport arrival transfer if you arrive to Havana today or if you arrive in Cuba before today, as long as you arrange pre-tour accommodation through us. Otherwise, we can provide your included transfer from your place of accommodation in Havana to the starting guesthouse for the tour.

Tonight we have an included group dinner for our first night together in Havana. If you arrive early and want something organized to do, Havana Adventures offers some excellent tours and excursions in Havana.

April 16 - Havana

Today we take a walking tour around the streets and elegant plazas of Old Havana. We also visit some community arts projects.

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April 17,18 - Vinales

A street in Vinales, Cuba Vinales is a the quintessential countryside Cuban village, surrounded by jagged limestone hills and patchwork fields of tobacco, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava, and beans, that are tilled in traditional methods by oxen directed and coaxed by the weathered hands of the guajiro farmers. On the way to Vinales we stop off in Las Terrazas which is a small mountain community with a concentration of artists and painters. We take a cultural scenic walk to visit the village and meet the artists before continuing to Vinales.

In Vinales our included excursions are a walk through the valley to visit the traditional tobacco farms, and a visit to an organic produce farm with some envious views of the valley and hills beyond.

April 19,20 - Cienfuegos

The drive Cienfuegos takes us past the Bay of Pigs. Despite being famous for the 1961 armed conflict involving the United States, the coastline along the bay is calm and scenic. If the group is keen and the conditions conducive, we can stop for a snorkel in the shallow waters right off the coast.

The Cuban city of Trinidad

In Cienfuegos we visit an ornately decorated castle of eclectic style, and a grafic arts workshop that specializes in hand blocked designs, paper, and coverings.

April 21,22,23 - Trinidad

Trinidad is small but stunning colonnial city that overlooks Cuba's Caribbean coastline. The buildings and colonial architeture of the historic center are very much in tact and pretty much just as they were centuries ago.

We use Trinidad as a base for the next 3 days to take short walks and explore the surrounds. We include a walk to a beautiful waterfall, a visit to a nearby farm, and an introductory group salsa lesson.

April 24 - Havana via Santa Clara A Che Guevara statue in Santa Clara, Cuba

We head back to Havana, via the city of Santa Clara where we visit the Che Guevara Museum and stop to contemplate the enormous bronze statue of this bearded man who played a crucial role in Cuba's history and whose image is well known around the world..

We arrive back in Havana in time for our final evening of the tour and a farewell dinner.

April 25 - Depart Havana

Today is the departure day of the tour and you are free to depart at anytime. It should cost about 20cuc per taxi, whether you share that with someone or go by yourself.

We recommend you book a couple of additional nights in Havana at the end of the tour so that you have time to further explore this exciting city.

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A bicycle taxi driver rests while waiting for a customer in Old Havana, Cuba
Summary of Travel Times
  • Havana to Viñales - 3 hours
  • Viñales to Cienfuegos - 7 hours
  • Cienfuegos to Trinidad - 2 hours
  • Trinidad to Havana via Santa Clara - 6 hours
Late arrivals or Early departures

Late Arrival - If you plan to arrive on April 17 or after, we can arrange for you to catch up to the group. This may involve you paying transport costs to do so.

Early Departure - This tour arrives back in Havana, in the afternoon of April 24, so a departure from Cuba late in the evening of April 24 is possible. An earlier departure than this is also possible and may involve you paying transport costs for us to send you back to Havana by yourself.

Spending Money

We estimate you will need between 350 and 500 CUC for local expenses during the tour such food, drinks, and optional activities, but not including souvenirs. Cost of meals can vary greatly (especially in Havana) depending on your restaurant of choice. Click here to see further description and details of expenses you will have while on the tour in Cuba.

Not Included in the Tour

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