Last update January 13, 2020

Choose your own flights to Cuba! All of our tours start and end in Havana. This gives you the freedom to choose the route to Cuba that is most convenient and economical for you. 

You must have a tourist visa (tourist card) to visit Cuba. Read more here

Flights direct from U.S.

SEARCHING TIPS: On you can now search flights to Cuba, but not on Expedia or Orbitz. For information on medical insurance and visa, look on the airlines' website rather than calling the airline. Airline agents are usually not well informed about Cuba specific travel and often give incorrect information.

What we provide here is for informational purposes only, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. You should always contact the airline or charter companies directly for all questions and concerns regarding flights to Cuba. We encourage you to follow Cuba Travel Surge (Facebook) or Havana Urban Adventures (Twitter & Facebook) for updates on the flight situation.

*All of these flights to Cuba include mandatory medical insurance - you should not purchase insurance from us if you are flying directly from the US.

(last updated November 5, 2019)

American Airlines

  • MIA to HAV - 4x daily
  • Visa- sold by Cuba Travel Services $85 in advance (online), $100 at check in.

United Airlines

  • Newark to HAV- 1x daily
  • Houston to HAV- 1x daily
  • Visa- Sold by Cuba Travel Services $75

JetBlue Airways

  • Ft Lauderdale to HAV- 2x daily 
  • JFK to HAV- 1x daily 
  • Boston to HAV-1x Saturdays
  • Orlando to HAV- 1x daily
  • Visa- Sold by airline $50

Delta Airlines

  • MIA to HAV- 2x daily
  • Atlanta to HAV- 1x daily
  • Visa- Sold by airline $50

Southwest Airlines

  • Ft Lauderdale to HAV- 3x daily
  • Tampa to HAV- 1x daily, 2x Saturdays
  • Visa- Cuba Travel Services $75

Flights from US to Provinces

On October 25, 2019 the Trump Administation announced that commercial airlines will no longer be able to fly to provinces other than Havana, and service must wrap up by December 10, 2019. On January 10, 2020 they announced the elimination of charter flights as well, giving the charter companies 60 days to wrap up operations. This means that beginning March 10, 2020 there will only be flights from US to Havana, not to any other provinces.  

Flights through a Third Country

For flights to Cuba through a third country such as Mexico, Canada, Panama, or the Caribbean here are your options:

  1. We can arrange your travel from CUN to HAV including visa. Request this with your reservations agent directly after you have booked. There is a 15% charge for this service.
  2. For help from a travel agent, one option is to contact Alan with Please Yourself Travel (, he has booked many flights to Cuba for our customers and can arrange commercial flights to Cuba departing from the US as well.
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