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Cuba Travel Information for Americans

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Flights and Ports of entry into Cuba

There are many American cities with direct flights to Cuba such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Los Angeles. There are several ports of entry to Cuba outside the US. Cancun is one of the most popular ones, however there are many more such as Jamaica, all major airports in Canada, Dominican Republic , Costa Rica and Panama. See our Flights to Cuba page for more.

To buy flights to Cuba from the US, you can try booking directly through the airlines' websites, or you can use an online agency such as Cubajet to book your flights into Cuba from the US.

  An image of a Cuban Tourist Card

Obtaining a visa or 'Tourist Card' for travel to Cuba

Tourists from nearly all nationalities need visas to travel to Cuba. This visa is called a Tarjeta del Turista ( 'Tourist Card').

Obtaining this Visa may depend on the airline and from where you embarked for your flight to Cuba.  For flights to Cuba directly from the US, the airline will provide the Visa to you upon check-in at a cost of between $50 and $100 USD. For flights from other countries many airlines will sell you the tourist card at the airport upon check-in for approximately $20 USD. Examples are Mexicana, Copa, Cubana, Avianca, and Air Canada. Otherwise the Cuba tourist card may be included in the price of your ticket - contact your airline about this. 

Usually the Cuba tourist card is provided to you blank and you simply need to fill in the details. Sometimes there is a space to provide the name of the hotel in which you will stay on your first night in Cuba. We suggest for passengers travelling on our Cuba tours to simply write the address of their joining guesthouse accommmodation.

There is a Cuban Consulate for Visas in Barbados for passengers entering Cuba via this port.

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Travel Insurance for US citizens in Cuba

To join one of our tours, among the restrictions are that you are to be covered by Travel Medical Insurance while in Cuba. We can arrange this for you. Click here to see details. However, for passengers flying directy from the US to Cuba, the airline will also provide basic medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Cuba.

American Citizens Accessing Money in Cuba

As a visitor travelling on an American passport, you'll need to plan carefully how you will fund your purchases during your time in Cuba, as a Credit Card from a US bank may not yet work! Check with your bank before you leave to see if they have authorized use in Cuba.

These are the most common and popular ways Americans access their money while in Cuba:

  1. A VISA card from a non US bank, from which you can make cash advances while in Cuba.
  2. Cash in the suggested currencies: Euro, British Pound, Canadian dollar.
  3. Travellers Cheques in the suggested currencies: Euro, British Pound, Canadian dollar.
US cash or travellers cheques incur an extra 10% fee in Cuba.

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Paying for your Cuba Tour

Cuban Adventures accepts payments to our bank account in Australia which carries the name of our parent company - Big Planet Adventures Pty Ltd. (This will not mention 'Cuban Adventures')

You can pay us with complete assurance that NO reference to Cuba will be included in anyway on your credit card or bank statements.

Further Reading

The following books are written by Americans who have travelled to Cuba, and contain well written sections about legal issues and practicalities, travel restrictions, the ofac, and travel license categories.